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  Ranking  Number  Geocache (User)  
  1    25  MAGC Ammo Can Roll Call (DudleyGrunt)
  2    23  Cache Retrieval Vehicle Rolling BITcache (DudleyGrunt)
  3    21  Introduction to OpenCaching North America (DudleyGrunt)
  4    16  It all started here! (sfcchaz)
  5    11  sfcchaz's Roaming BIT-mobile (sfcchaz)
  6    9  Good for Your Soul #1 (DudleyGrunt), Yucko's OCNA Moving Cache #1 (Mr.Yuck)
  7    8  Fort McHenry National Monument (sfcchaz)
  8    7  Spirit Quest: Remember Forever (Mother Wolf)
  9    6  Good for Your Soul #2 (DudleyGrunt), LWT: B&O Railroad Station (DudleyGrunt), Sol (sfcchaz), Welcome to (NE) Maryland on I-95 (Chesapeake) (DudleyGrunt)
  10    5  Defending Freedom At Home (DudleyGrunt), Faith (Sam Gott), Good For Your Soul #4 (DudleyGrunt), Joseph Beuys Sculpture Park Guestbook (DudleyGrunt), Say Cheese! Bit Cache (DudleyGrunt), The Pond at Foxchase (sfcchaz), Trip Trop Part Three... (czar7), WTF BIT JBA (DudleyGrunt)
  11    4  A Hero Remembered (DudleyGrunt), An Armored Vehicle in Frederick (DudleyGrunt), Baltimore County's Statue of Liberty (nighthawk700), Bollman Iron Truss Bridge (DudleyGrunt), Cycleangela's Roaming Event Cache (cycleangela), Hankering for Henkels Bit Cache (DudleyGrunt), LWT: Early Methodism in Laurel (DudleyGrunt), LWT: Laurel Museum (DudleyGrunt), Medal of Honor - Laddie Stupka (DudleyGrunt), Medal of Honor - Loudon Park (DudleyGrunt), MPEA - Connecting the Trails (DudleyGrunt), No Trespassing... (czar7), One Large Gas Bubble (sfcchaz), Original Washington Monument (DudleyGrunt), Pallotti Webcam (DudleyGrunt), Patuxent Branch Geo(logy)cache (DudleyGrunt), Route 40 - Town Hill Overlook (cycleangela), The Alex Haley Memorial (sfcchaz), The Greenspring Quarry (nighthawk700), The Patriot (DudleyGrunt), Third Rock from the Sun (sfcchaz), To Lift A Nation (DudleyGrunt), Treasure at Land's End (DudleyGrunt), World War II Memorial (cycleangela)
  12    3  "Open" Gate (DudleyGrunt), A Tank on the Susquehanna (DudleyGrunt), A WebCam at Towson University (sfcchaz), B&A Trail Challenge (Astronut42), Baltimore Immigration Depot (cycleangela), Bon Secours Spiritual Center Guestbook (DudleyGrunt), CBEC Visitors Center Guestbook (DudleyGrunt), Cinnamon's Bark (Krips Curves), Cycleangela's Geo-Ride Moving BIT Cache (cycleangela), For the Birds (DudleyGrunt), Freedom of Conscience (DudleyGrunt), He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown! (DudleyGrunt), Healing Garden Guestbook (DudleyGrunt), Islands (DudleyGrunt), Late Cache - Searching For A Lady Bug (DudleyGrunt), Middle Patuxent Overlook (sfcchaz), Momma's Boy (CrazySanMan), National Vigilance Park (Astronut42), One Large Red Dot (sfcchaz), Princess Loves To Hike (DudleyGrunt), Rockin' The Paradise Bit Cache (sfcchaz), Step Inside, Walk This Way (DudleyGrunt), Take Me Away (cycleangela), To The Rescue (DudleyGrunt), Where the Sidewalk Ends 3 - New vs Old (sfcchaz), WTF BIT: Johns Hopkins (DudleyGrunt), WTF BIT: Laurel Park (DudleyGrunt), WTF BIT: Maple Lawn (DudleyGrunt), WTF BIT: Scaggsville (DudleyGrunt)
  13    2  A Guest Book at the American Visionary Art Museum (sfcchaz), A Tank in Grasonville (DudleyGrunt), A Token View (DudleyGrunt), Amid the Sentinels (DudleyGrunt), Annapolis Maritime Museum (DudleyGrunt), Bowie Veterans Memorial Park (cycleangela), Ceres (sfcchaz), Dead Drop Cache 2 - You Win! (sfcchaz), Disney's Princess Returns (DudleyGrunt), Down By The River (DudleyGrunt), Elk X-ing (DudleyGrunt), Enough with the jokes! (sfcchaz), Fourth Street City Park (cycleangela), Geo1 (kenelson424), Geo2 (kenelson424), Geo3 (kenelson424), Geo4 (kenelson424), Geo5 (kenelson424), Geo6 (kenelson424), GeoPoker Recycle (Astronut42), Hashawha's Birds of Prey (cycleangela), Kernan Healing Garden Guestbook (DudleyGrunt), Letterbox Maryland Wye Oak (hannahgood), LFL (Astronut42), LWT: Laurel Cotton Mill & Dam (DudleyGrunt), Maryland Vietnam Veterans Memorial (sfcchaz), Maryland Wye Oak (hannahgood), Mt Washington Arboretum Guestbook (DudleyGrunt), National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Chapel (DudleyGrunt), NWVC 1 - Waterfowl Wonders (DudleyGrunt), NWVC 2 - Cash Lake Cache (DudleyGrunt), NWVC 3 - Pollinators & Amphibians Abound (DudleyGrunt), NWVC 5 - Conservation Champions (DudleyGrunt), NWVC 6 - Fun in Forests (DudleyGrunt), Ouch, it's pretty hot and cold here. (sfcchaz), Pins Only, No Needles (DudleyGrunt), Rebirth - Let's Go Volksmarching 3 - Base of Clump (sfcchaz), Rebirth - Let's Go Volksmarching 3 - Caution Ped/Bike X-ing (sfcchaz), Rebirth - Let's Go Volksmarching 3 - East Holly (sfcchaz), Rebirth - Let's Go Volksmarching 3 - Not 35 MPH (sfcchaz), Rebirth - Let's Go Volksmarching 3 - Not a Pine Cone (sfcchaz), Rebirth - Let's Go Volksmarching 3 - Outside of Kinder Farm (sfcchaz), Rebirth - Let's Go Volksmarching 3 - West Holly (sfcchaz), Rural Heritage Museum (DudleyGrunt), Stuart Hill Cemetery (DudleyGrunt), SVFD Lot Cache (DudleyGrunt), The Battle of South Mountain (cycleangela), The new last one? (sfcchaz), The War of the Worlds (sfcchaz), Tilghman Island Drawbridge (cycleangela), Traffic view (Astronut42), Two Smileys For One (DudleyGrunt), Union Soldiers and Sailors (DudleyGrunt), Up in smoke (Krips Curves), Where the Sidewalk Ends 4 - Lost Cat (sfcchaz), Where's Dudley? - At The Chapel (DudleyGrunt), Who Knew This Was Here? (DudleyGrunt), Who Was Colonel Gateway? (DudleyGrunt), WMRT - Railroad Siding and Coal Trestle (cycleangela), WSE #6 - Volksmarching Trail (sfcchaz), WSE 5 - And the Road, Too? (DudleyGrunt), WTF BIT Harmons Park (sfcchaz), WTF BIT Southgate (sfcchaz), WTF BIT: Savage (DudleyGrunt)
  14    1  9/11 Memorial of Maryland (DudleyGrunt), A Tour of Mount Vernon (DudleyGrunt), Astronut's Rolling BIT Cache (Astronut42), Battle Monument (DudleyGrunt), Federalsburg Hometown Veterans Memorial (sfcchaz), Firefighter Memorial (DudleyGrunt), Higher Ground (DudleyGrunt), Holocaust Memorial Park (DudleyGrunt), King Family Cemetery (DudleyGrunt), Maryland Line (DudleyGrunt), Memorial Stadium Remembered (DudleyGrunt), Not the dog! (sfcchaz), NWVC 4 - The Visitor Center (DudleyGrunt), One White Flint Cam (ithink314), Police Memorial (DudleyGrunt), Terrapin Tracks - UMCP Webcam (DudleyGrunt), The Chesapeake Bay Bugeye (sfcchaz), The Doctor's Hospital (DudleyGrunt), The Hiker (DudleyGrunt), Turner Cemetery Bit (DudleyGrunt), Two White Flint Cam (ithink314), WMRT - Sideling Hill Creek Aqueduct (cycleangela), WSE #7 - Urban Sprawl - North (sfcchaz), WTF BIT Old Mill (sfcchaz), You had to make it difficult. (sfcchaz)