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New York

  Ranking  Number  Geocache (User)  
  1    11  Pembroke Park Cache (Sabrefan7)
  2    10  Belva Lockwood (GOF), Genesee County Park #3 Green Forestry Trail (Sabrefan7)
  3    9  A Unique Walk in Akron (Sabrefan7), Bond Lake Park - Upper Escarpment (Mr.Yuck), Erie Canal Museum - Lockport, N.Y. (Mr.Yuck), Town of Tonawanda Veterans Memorial (Mr.Yuck), Why are they there? (Mr.Yuck)
  4    8  Giant Metal Chicken of Death (Borst68), Glen Falls Park (GOF), Harmonic Convergence (Sabrefan7), Russell Park (Cski), St. Patrick's Cathedral (SparrowsGold), Two if by land... (GOF)
  5    7  Ellicott Creek Park Footbridge (Avery's Cache) (Mr.Yuck), Genesee County Alms House -Rolling Hills Asylum (Sabrefan7), Lafayette Square (GOF), Niagara Square (GOF), Two mile multi (Mr.Yuck)
  6    6  A Virtual Made in the Mist (DudleyGrunt), Cambria's Hillside Cemetery (Mr.Yuck), Como Lake Cache (Sabrefan7), Cross-Trainer (GOF), Genesee County Park Interpretive Center (Sabrefan7), J.C. Matteson Memorial (DudleyGrunt), Liebler-Rohl Gasoline Station (GOF), Natureview Park (GOF), Sharkgirl (Mr.Yuck), Symphony Circle (GOF), The Ellicott Square Building (GOF), The Lancaster Opera House (GOF)
  7    5  A view of Strawberry Island. (GOF), Aquatic Birds at Times Beach (GOF), Flocking to Times Beach (GOF), Freedom Crossing (GOF), Humphrey Cemetery (Sabrefan7), Joseph Davis State Park (GOF), Nowak Pier No. 7 (Mr.Yuck), Open Park (leaton), Project Nike (GOF), River Lea (GOF), The Cyclorama Building (GOF), Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site (GOF), Trinity Episcopal Church (GOF)
  8    4  Annie Cooper Boyd - JJML #2 (JJMLibrary), Birchfield Nature and Art Center (GOF), Buckhorn Island State Park (GOF), Canal Concrete waterfall structure BIT Cache (Mr.Yuck), Evil Island (Cski), Evil Spirits... (GOF), GCC Nature Trail Letterbox (Sabrefan7), Mr.Yuck's Echo Moving BIT Cache (Mr.Yuck), Nowak Pier No. 1 (Mr.Yuck), Nowak Pier No. 2 (Mr.Yuck), Nowak Pier No. 3 (Mr.Yuck), Nowak Pier No. 4 (Mr.Yuck), Nowak Pier No. 5 (Mr.Yuck), Nowak Pier No. 6 (Mr.Yuck), Reformed Mennonite Church (GOF), Soldiers Place (GOF), Tifft Blind (GOF), Western New York Vietnam Veterans Memorial (Frank Broughton)
  9    3  Amherst's Amazing Talking Toilet (Mr.Yuck), Bridge View/Mr. Yuck's Private Beach (Mr.Yuck), Ellicot Creek Park Casino (GOF), Henry Packer Deering - JJML #3 (JJMLibrary), Just off 365 (Geohiker55), Keen Ice (Geohiker55), Kenmore, N.Y. Little Free Library (Mr.Yuck), Mount Albion Cemetery (Sabrefan7), Open Meadows (leaton), Riverside-Salem Church BIT (Mr.Yuck), The Buffalo Transportation Pierce Arrow Museum (GOF)
  10    2  2-DOP (Allegany State Park Stone Tower) (Bon Echo), an Gorta Mor, The Great Hunger (Sabrefan7), Charging Bull (FailedApparatus), Flight 3407 Memorial (Mr.Yuck), Just Another Cache In The Wall (MickEMT), Point Park Web Cam (Sabrefan7), Red Jacket Monument (Frank Broughton), Scenic View Casino Island (Sabrefan7), South Breakwall Seagull Condo (MickEMT)
  11    1   LaSalle Park No. 1 (Mr.Yuck), LaSalle Park No. 2 (Mr.Yuck), Barbara Park Sessler Visitor Information Center (Mr.Yuck), BOPA (adkscout), Chestnut Ridge 100 Steps (Frank Broughton), Dunkirk Lighthouse and Veterans Park Virtual (Bon Echo), Historic South Main St. Geneva, N.Y. (Mr.Yuck), Jackson Gardens 1 (piepera), Jackson Gardens 2 (piepera), JFK - Terminal C - C37 (NYPaddleCacher), John White Game Farm (Sabrefan7), LaSalle Park Ampitheatre (Mr.Yuck), LaSalle Park No. 4 (Mr.Yuck), Mossy Bank Park Overlook - Bath, NY (Bon Echo), Niagara Gorge Discovery Center BIT (Mr.Yuck), Old and New - JJML #1 (JJMLibrary), Reader's Delight - JJML #4 (JJMLibrary), Subway Graffiti (chilehead), Tiffany X2 - JJML #6 (JJMLibrary), Waterloo New York, The Birth Place of Memorial Day (Sabrefan7), Whale Ho! - JJML #5 (JJMLibrary)