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North Carolina

  Ranking  Number  Geocache (User)  
  1    25  Infiltrator BIT (TermiteHunter)
  2    19  The Walrus (TermiteHunter)
  3    14  Wet Paint (therapaint), WTF BIT Albemarle Rd (TermiteHunter)
  4    13  Paint Crew (therapaint), SNOW Storm 1 (TermiteHunter)
  5    12  SNOW Storm 6 (TermiteHunter)
  6    11  And Now For Something Completely Disorganized (therapaint), James K. Polk Birthplace (TermiteHunter), M296 is Lost, but not Forgotten (JIJeffreys), Man of Steel (FailedApparatus), Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence (TermiteHunter), Mint Hill Town Hall Virtual (QueensGrantMusic), NC Champion Tree - Willow Oak - Union County (stargatekrewe), SNOW Storm 17 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 8 (TermiteHunter)
  7    10  GCGC BIT (HB31), KP Park (FailedApparatus), Live Music Exchange (TermiteHunter), Matthews Time Capsule (HB31), SNOW Storm 15 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 16 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 7 (TermiteHunter), TermiteHunter XD - (GCGC) (TermiteHunter), The Caching Dead (TermiteHunter), The Truth Is Out There (TermiteHunter)
  8    9  8-BIT Caching: Wall of Trees (FailedApparatus), Battle of Charlotte (bamafan323), HOMELAND: Brodey House (TermiteHunter), If you've got the time...we've got the, uh, cache (bamafan323), Open Trunk (TermiteHunter), SNOW Flurry 1 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Flurry 3 (TermiteHunter), That's the Spirit! (bamafan323), To Infinity and Beyond (TermiteHunter)
  9    8  Ca-Caw! Ca-Caw! (FailedApparatus), SNOW Storm 19 (TermiteHunter)
  10    7  "World's Worst Martin Luther King Statue" (FailedApparatus), A True Metal Head (FailedApparatus), Boy Scouts of America Virtual (QueensGrantMusic), CMPD Canopy (FailedApparatus), Como se Llama? (FailedApparatus), Ether Quest (TermiteHunter), Hezekiah Alexander Homesite (TermiteHunter), Tri-Bull Council (FailedApparatus), WTF BIT Matthews (TermiteHunter), WTF BIT Mint Hill (TermiteHunter)
  11    6  100 (TermiteHunter), Brick Kids (CCG99), Cookies (FailedApparatus), Cul-de-Sac Cache (abercrombie), Express Cache: Back From The Dead (TermiteHunter), First in Flight (obxgeek), Historic Rosedale (TermiteHunter), Matthews Market (Mrs. HB31), Mind the Bollards (rvstauff), Mint Hill Korean War Memorial Virtual (QueensGrantMusic), Mr. Incognito - (GCGC) (TermiteHunter), Open Hole (TermiteHunter), Shave & a Haircut...? (Geovangelist), SNOW Storm 13 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 21 (TermiteHunter), The Orb (FailedApparatus), Timeline (FailedApparatus), WTF BIT The Trail (TermiteHunter)
  12    5  A Tribute to Hugh (FailedApparatus), Freedom Park Bandshell Virtual (yamiyugi00), Mint Hill Historic Village Virtual (QueensGrantMusic), Play Ball (cclip), SNOW Flurry 10 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Flurry 7 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Flurry 9 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 18 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 20 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 22 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 23 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 9 (TermiteHunter), The Apple and the Clamp (GoinPostNet), The Chrome Dome (TermiteHunter), The New Castle (Mrs. HB31)
  13    4  Airport Overlook (Mrs. HB31), Disco Chicken (Mrs. HB31), Disco Wheel (Mrs. HB31), El Lobo - (GCGC) (TermiteHunter), Holey Cache #1 (QueensGrantMusic), Holey Cache #2 (QueensGrantMusic), Holey Cache #3 (QueensGrantMusic), Mint Hill Moving Cache (QueensGrantMusic), Mint Hill Moving Pill Bottle (QueensGrantMusic), Open Race (TermiteHunter), SNOW Drift 4 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 10 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 11 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 3 (TermiteHunter), The Writer's Desk (HB31)
  14    3  Along Old Nags Head -Nature- Road (obxgeek), As the World Turns (FailedApparatus), Banshee: The CADI & Miles' Diner (TermiteHunter), BIG RED CACHE (QueensGrantMusic), Mint Hill Musical BIT #1 (QueensGrantMusic), PG Lost Places (4freds), Shopton Road Threeway (shannan0), SNOW Flurry 11 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 25 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 26 (TermiteHunter), Something Simple (TermiteHunter), Stumptown Webcam (HB31), There Be Dragons Here Series: Aqua Imperator (HeadHardHat), Traditional Mint Hill Park Cache (QueensGrantMusic), Vietnam Veterans Memorial Virtual (QueensGrantMusic), WTF BIT Cambridge (TermiteHunter)
  15    2  Arachnophobia (FailedApparatus), Ascendus (FailedApparatus), Banshee: The Forge (TermiteHunter), Bulletproof (ithink314), Cacher Training: Multi (Militescriste), Lets stop here for the night (cclip), Mint Hill BIT #1 (QueensGrantMusic), Mint Hill Doctor Museum Guest Book (QueensGrantMusic), Multi-cache in Mint Hill (QueensGrantMusic), Munzee Fun in Mint Hill (QueensGrantMusic), North Carolina's Tallest Towers (#2) (stargatekrewe), North Carolina's Tallest Towers (#8) (stargatekrewe), OCNA Mini-Moving Cache #5 (TermiteHunter), Oh CANNON MILLS, Where art thou?? (Militescriste), Onion Rings (FailedApparatus), PG Veterans Memorial (DudleyGrunt), SNOW Storm 27 (TermiteHunter), The Mustache... (Militescriste), Veterans Memorial Park (DudleyGrunt), WE JUST HAVE TO EAT HERE (cclip), WTF BIT Charlotte City (TermiteHunter), WTF BIT Concord Tower (TermiteHunter), WTF BIT Pecan (TermiteHunter), WTF BIT Reedy Creek (TermiteHunter)
  16    1  Across The Grain (debaere), AeroDyn Technologies Wind Tunnels (ithink314), Antique Heaven (cclip), Books-n-Cache (lowedown78), Business Park 16 Go Climb A ____ (shannan0), Carthage Office Park (cclip), Clingman's Dome Tower (KnowsOpie), Double Bass - a large musical instrument (QueensGrantMusic), Getting Back on Track (HB31), HEY EARL LOOK AT THIS FISHING HOLE!!! (cclip), Hey Earl they sure are pretty new boats by the lake (cclip), Hillcrest Park Cache (cclip), Jockey's Ridge - Protecting the Shore (obxgeek), Just a Cache in the Woods (TermiteHunter), Just a micro in the woods (obxgeek), Last large town on old Hwy (cclip), Lets go to the Drive in Theater First in Lee Co (cclip), LOOK OUT! (TermiteHunter), Looking Forward Camtastic (ithink314), Metal Fence Micro (shannan0), Mt. Vernon Springs (cclip), Nags Head Woods (obxgeek), Natural Path (TermiteHunter), OCNA Mini-Moving Cache #2 (TermiteHunter), Paying Respects (Militescriste), Pomona Pipe cache (cclip), Power in the hills (TighernMcDonnell), QPNG for Travelers (shannan0), QRazy Tube (rvstauff), Richfield Bridge (bamafan323), Sandhills College (cclip), Site of Old Bouldins Produce Stand (cclip), Skater Dude! (HB31), SNOW Storm 24 (TermiteHunter), The 49er Miner (GoinPostNet), The Frisco Futuro (TermiteHunter), The Spillway (cclip), There Be Dragons Here Series: Phaedra (HeadHardHat), Tradition (TermiteHunter), Tranquility Base (themulcher), Tribute to a store manager (cclip), US Benchmark 64 RJN ~ PID - FB4135 (KnowsOpie), US Benchmark ~ NEWFOUND ~ PID - FB4079 (KnowsOpie), We are inside a horseshoe (cclip), What geological structure is this trail head named after? (shannan0), Where is the lamp post? (TermiteHunter), WHERE WATER GOES UNDER THE ROAD (cclip), Where's Dudley (NC)? - My Kind of Town (DudleyGrunt), Wow That was a low flying golf ball (cclip), WTF BIT Trucking (TermiteHunter), xuniL (TermiteHunter), Yep a real old timey Buggy Factory (cclip), You CAN take it with you (ithink314)