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South Carolina

  Ranking  Number  Geocache (User)  
  1    5  WTF BIT Indian Land (HB31)
  2    4  Liftin' our LEG! (hockeyhick), Odd Spots - Spaceship House (DudleyGrunt)
  3    3  Winthrop University - West Center (GoinPostNet)
  4    2  Blocked (gundark2000), STS: Crybaby Creek (sseegars)
  5    1  A King and his Castle (stargatekrewe), Charleston County Public Library (CmHall9), Damascus Church (WallynSC), Heroes' Memorial (DudleyGrunt), Montrose History (WallynSC), Myrtle Beach 9-11 Unity Memorial (DudleyGrunt), Nachò Cachò (abercrombie), Near the Woods (ChiggerNGoat), Nice Dam View (WallynSC), STS: Gregory's Graveyard (sseegars), STS: Kershaw's First Library (sseegars), STS: Ole Presby (sseegars), STS: Robert Mills Lancaster County Courthouse (sseegars), The Legend Of Green Hand Bridge (sseegars), What is this the entrance to? (shannan0), Winthrop University - Campus Center (GoinPostNet)