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The Cyclorama Building - OU0444

 Built to bring the world to Buffalo.

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 Waypoint: OU0444


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In 1888 The Buffalo Cyclorama company commisioned a French artist to paint a 400 foot canvas Of Niagara Falls. This canvas was to be displayed in Paris and London to showcase the wonder of the falls. It was such a success in Europe that the company decided to bring the idea home to Buffalo. They constructed the Cyclorama building to house and display giant canvases. First to be displayed was a piece titled “The Crucifixion of Christ." It was a great success, drawing over 1000 visitors per day. After a two year run it was followed by "The Battle of Gettysburg." But the world was changing and the crowds thinning. In 1910 the city acquired the building. Since then it has had many uses. It has been a roller rink, a livery and taxi garage, and an office building. From '42 – '63 it was home to the Grosvenor Library. After that it stood vacant until developer Frank Ciminelli purchased the property. After two years of battling over what changes could be made to the structure an agreement was reached and construction commenced ending in the office building you see today.


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1 14 July 2012 DudleyGrunt Found it

3431.  Trying to grab most of the BITs in Buffalo, before needing to head back south.

Thanks and Happy Trails!

1 29 April 2012 Mr.Yuck Found it

I had never in my life noticed this building! I had heard of it, of course, especially during the "two years of battling" mentioned in the cache description, it was on the evening news all the time back then. They did a pretty good job of modernizing it, it doesn't look as old as it is. TFTC.

1 28 April 2012 Sabrefan7 Found it

Definitely a must vist. A very interesting history for such a unique building. Its 1 of only 2 left in the united states The neighbor hood its in is worth the walk just to look at the other buildings and churches. Thanks for bringing me here. I know I will be spending a lot of time reading up on all the places I had the chance to visit today SF7

1 28 April 2012 Cayuga Crew Found it

1 27 April 2012 jhauser42 Found it

Considering that this is less than 1/2 mile from home I had to take a walk down to find it.  The Cyclorama is a very cool building and nice to know it is going to be used again.  I went down with my daughter and she is the one that found this bitcache even though she did not realize what she was looking for.