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Reformed Mennonite Church - OU0461

 A stone building.

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N 42° 57.635' W 78° 45.567' (WGS84)

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 Lokalizacja: United States > New York
 Typ skrzynki: BIT Cache
 Wielkość: Bez pojemnika
 Status: Gotowa do szukania
 Data ukrycia: 19 April 2012
 Data utworzenia: 19 April 2012
 Ostatnio zmodyfikowano: 27 April 2012
 Waypoint: OU0461


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Constructed in 1834 in the Greek Revival style, this building housed a congregation for 147 years. It now houses the Town of Amherst Archive Center. In 2003 it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


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2 16 August 2015 Bon Echo Nie znaleziona

Headed south of the border again this weekend (well, actually a lot more east and just a bit south) but this time it was adults only, no kids (first time in 8 years that we've been able to say that). We traveled to the Finger Lakes area to enjoy a romantic anniversary weekend - by romantic, I mean stopping to find caches, garage sales, thrift shops, driving secondary highways, stuff like that.
In the end, we found 6 OCNA caches (and dnf'd two), also visited the oldest geocache in the state and picked up two other caches plus a few qualifiers for some TerraCaching locationless caches. A good weekend all around.
This was the first of the two dnf's - two BIT caches along #5. I might have overlooked this one, but given that MrYuck was able to walk down the street and see the BIT, I have a good reason to suspect it's missing. So we a re still BIT-less for the OCNA 5th anniversary contest.

Bon Echo @

1 13 July 2012 DudleyGrunt Znaleziona

3402.  Well, the former church / former local records office will soon be a bank.  There is construction going on, but the cache is still accessible.

This was my first of 18 OCNA finds (+1 from another start up site out of Seattle).

Thanks and Happy Trails!

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1 05 May 2012 Mr.Yuck Znaleziona

So it held a church until the mid-80's? I then used to drive by it almost every day on the way home from ECC North, and that's when I probably first noticed it, in the early 80's when it was still a church. Definitely a nice old historic Church. I actually parked 650 feet away at Tops, bought something, and walked over to the Bit. There was a National Grid crew working right on the corner, and as I approached, I kid you not, there was an NG worker 6 inches from the cache when I walked up. But since I had come from a distance as a pedestrian, I got lucky and spotted the Bit and could read it's code just while casually walking by. Try that with a street corner key holder that might get blown up by the bomb squad. Made sure the workers weren't looking, and did a 90 degree turn back the other way, which offered me an even better look at the building on the way back to my vehicle. TFTC.

1 28 April 2012 Sabrefan7 Znaleziona

Another building I have driven by many times and didnt really know any thing about. Parked close by and got the code quickly. Thanks for bringing me here SF7

1 28 April 2012 Cayuga Crew Znaleziona