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Toronto's Inukshuk - OU0072

 Located on Toronto's waterfront stands this enormous Inukshuk

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N 43° 37.939' W 79° 24.556' (WGS84)

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 Location: Canada
 Cache Type: Virtual
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 Date Hidden: 28 August 2010
 Date Created: 28 August 2010
 Last Modified: 29 November 2010
 Waypoint: OU0072


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Canada's Arctic region is dominated by the tundra biome which is devoid of trees and lacks any natural landmarks - however stones can be found on this landscape.

Canada's northern people's, including peoples of other Arctic nations, build these stone structures for a variety of purposes including navigation, reference points, hunt ground markers or as a food cache.

Located in Toronto's Inukshuk Park stands this magnficent statue.

To log this cache, locate the plaque near the Inukshuk and email the CO with answer to the following question:

"What is the eighth word on the first full line of text on the plaque?" (The title on the plaque is not considered the first full line of text).




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1 18 May 2018 nh82 Found it

Visiting Toronto on a conference trip. After the program of the day ended, I went for an evening walk before dinner to find a couple of caches. I also took several photos of the interesting things I found while there, including this one. Thank you for the cache!

1 15 October 2016 Mr.Yuck Found it

First finder in over 5 years! Found after dark after an Argos game at BMO field, which they just moved into in 2016. There are actually several plaques, but when the CO talks about the "Title", it's pretty easy to figure out which one is the intended one. Bad night pic attached, although we did drive past it during the day when making a U-Turn back to the BMO field parking lot. Thanks for creating this virt back in 2010! Not that this is a good thing (especially with me being webmaster), but this is now my all time loneliest cache find on OCNA, a little short of 5 years and two months since the last find. I'm sure I'll never top the 10 year old never found Navicache virtual I FTF'd though. Laughing
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Bad night pic, although I tried messing with settings a little
Bad night pic, although I tried messing with settings a little

1 19 August 2011 Fish Below The Ice Found it

I ride past here on my bike fairly often, but this is the first time I stopped to read the signs.  Thanks for setting this up!

1 07 December 2010 Juicepig Found it

Oh how few the opencaching meatballs there are around here!  This was a nice change, i have been to this area many times, but i dont think i have noticed this guy standing on the beach before.  Good virtual!  Thanks!
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1 29 November 2010 The Surly Dutchman Found it

In the area today and thought I would stop by for 2 reasons. The first, was of course, the cache. The second, was to see this amazing homage to those who lived in this country before me or anyone in my family tree. An awesome sight and a great place for a virtual cache. Thanks alot for bringing me to a spot I would have otherwise never known existed.