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Stephen Jackson - OU047F

 Historical Marker

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N 30° 08.482' W 94° 24.207' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Texas
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 Date Hidden: 29 April 2012
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 Waypoint: OU047F


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This is a historical marker in Sour Lake, Tx.  If you want to read the marker, it is best attempted from the northbound lane on 326.

Stephen Jackson - (1803-1860) Born in South Carolina, Stephen Jackson moved to Lorenzo de Zavala's colony in Texas in 1831. He received a labor of land (177 acres) to establish a farm. In 1835 Jackson was granted a league of land (4,428 acres), which included the later community of Sour Lake. In 1836 Jackson served in Captain Logan's company of the Texas army and awarded 320 acres of land in Milam County as bounty. He married Susan Choate (1807-1873) in 1838 and established their home near here. They are buried along with their children-- Ambrose, Sarah, James A., Minerva, Stephen, and W. J.-- in the family cemetery (.5 mi. NW).

To log this cache, look toward Hwy. 105.  There are 3 green directional signs on the right.  What is the name on the bottom sign (all lower case)? 

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Brazos Valley Geocachers

Texas Geocaching Association


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