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Natureview Park - OU0492


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From the Western NY Land Conservancy website.


"On Monday, March 20, 2006 the Western New York Land Conservancy  finalized the permanent protection of a 1,254 acre natural park in the midst of Western New York’s 2nd most populated community.  After 10 years of planning and thousands of hours of hard work, the preservation of Nature View Park in Amherst has become a reality.

For both Amherst and Western New York, Nature View Park is an enormous asset that enhances the community’s quality of life.  Andrew Giarrizzo, then president of the Land Conservancy board of directors, said that, “Great things are accomplished when people work together. Nature View Park has been created through the efforts of elected officials, Town of Amherst staff, non-profit community group leaders and members, and very engaged citizens.  We hope that many other communities in Western New York will consider protecting large blocks of natural lands right next to densely populated areas so that the benefits of open spaces can be enjoyed.”

At the Amherst Town Board Meeting on February 27, 2006, Town Supervisor Mohan described the conservation easement with the Land Conservancy as protection that “will ensure that this park will be available to the Town’s residents forever.  Our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and generations to follow will see the forces of nature at work in the park.”


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1 29 June 2016 bigwheel Found it

Stumbled upon this one while I was flying my drone over Nature View.  BTW, the drone route is the best route for N.V.  The bugs were ferocious enough from the parking Lot!!

Thanks for hiding this one... it has been an enjoyable night of alternative caching.



1 15 August 2015 Atmospherium Found it

This cache is about as close to Nature View I want to get at this time of year. Thanks!

1 04 November 2012 Borst68 Found it

Stopped by my favorite park for a little walk.  TFTC

1 03 September 2012 Jmmsoccer4 Found it

Was geocaching in the area found it by chance!

1 18 August 2012 Rayman Found it

Hey they actually have a trail map here at the trailhead now? That's impressive! And it looks like they're proposing new trails and a boardwalk inside. That'll be nice I guess. I too will have to come back for the munzees inside as I'm not prepared to go in there today.