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The ORIGINAL Charlotte Speedway - OU054E


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This cache was originally listed on another site, though it is now archived. The owner of that cache, Rabbit Of Caerbanrnog, has graciously allowed me to re-publish this cache for us to enjoy.

Prior to the dirt track racing heyday of the 50's and 60's, and well before the asphalt mecca in Concord was constructed, there was racing of a different sort in Charlotte.

In 1924, a wooden track was built in the Pineville, NC area and given the name "Charlotte Speedway". That's right... a wooden race track! It was built entirely of wood and had 2x4 planks for the running surface. According to sources I've found, it was either 1 mile or 1.25 mile in length (tales vary on the exact length).

The first race appears to have been run on October 25, 1924 with more than 50,000 spectators in attendance to see Indy Cars run the inaugural 250 mile event. These were the same drivers who ran the more famous contest in Indianapolis. Speeds ran in excess of 130 mph... ON WOOD!

According to my research, this appears to be the approximate layout of the original track. If anyone has more detail, I'd be interested in hearing your stories.

The surrounding streets were originally named after car manufacturers of the day. The only one remaining is Cadillac St. So as you can see, it was named far before Arnold Palmer decided to bring his Caddy's to South Blvd.

The track eventually lost it's popularity, and was dismantled for lumber during WWII. To learn more about the track, click here.


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Could this be changed to a real virtual?

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Yep, another DNF!

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Definiltely seems to be gone.  

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