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Fort McHenry National Monument - OU008C

 This cache is located at the Fort McHenry National Monument.

Hidden by  sfcchaz

N 39° 15.792' W 76° 34.724' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Maryland
 Cache Type: Virtual
 Size: No container
 Status: Ready for Search
 Time: 0:30 h   Distance to Travel: 0.50 mi
 Date Hidden: 05 September 2010
 Date Created: 05 September 2010
 Last Modified: 09 September 2010
 Waypoint: OU008C


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Kid Friendly Bring Your Own Pen Historic Site Listed on OCNA Only 

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Regular Hours --- Closed: Thanksgiving Day, December 25 and January 1.

Park: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Star Fort: 8 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.
Visitor Center: 8 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.
Last Video Presentation: 4 p.m.

More information about the park can be found at:


I have been to this location many times. There are several physical and virtual caches on the way to this location. There are also several benchmarks of different types located here as well.


You can easily spend a full day here if you want to see all there is to see. I will leave it up to you to choose how to discover the park. The park is surrounded by water on its eastern and southern sides that give wonderful views. There are also spacious grass fields with trees for a family picnic if one was inclined to do so.


To claim this cache you will be required to enter a password. The information for the password can be located at the given coordinates.


Log Password information: While standing at the given coordinates with your back to the fort and looking across the water (no special equipment required) you will see the name of a company on a structure painted in blue. Please take note of the top word (six letters). Now turn around and look to the right of the large cannon. There are several cannon balls stacked there. How many? The log password will consist of six letters (UPPER CASE) and two numbers: LLLLLLNN where L=letter and N=number.

US National Parks

 This geocache is probably within a Nature Protection Area US National Parks:
Fort McHenry NM & Hist Shrine


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1 26 March 2017 EoTwP Found it

On CAM day 2, With TBC! [:)] T4TVC!

1 04 October 2014 sorahl Found it

A very interesting spot and a much nicer cache than the one at the visitors center. Thanks for bringing me here.

1 11 July 2012 NativTxn Found it

I went to the Fort today with with DudleyGrunt who was kind enough to walk around and take me to interesting caches that he had already done.  I enjoyed the day and the event that was held earlier in my honor.

3 11 July 2012 DudleyGrunt Comment

Revisited with NativTxn, while she was in town and had a free day.  Even if I don't enter the fort, proper, I always enjoy visiting the fort.

1 18 December 2011 cycleangela Found it

This was one of those days, it's a good thing I have a smart phone. I'd actually come up here for a terracache, and forgotten to look at this site to get the information for this cache, and I was able to look i up while I was there. Collected the needed info while getting info for the GC virtual, and a picture for the terracache. Thanks for the cache!