Task Difficulty: 2.0 Out of 5.0
Terrain Difficulty: 2.0 Out of 5.0
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There Be Dragons Here Series: Phaedra - OU063B

 Enter The Quest To Find The Final Dragon from the There Be Dragons Here Series. Details are in the Description.

Hidden by  HeadHardHat

N 35° 49.682' W 78° 47.592' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > North Carolina
 Cache Type: Quiz
 Size: Normal
 Status: Ready for Search
 Date Hidden: 15 May 2013
 Date Created: 16 May 2013
 Last Modified: 06 June 2013
 Waypoint: OU063B
 Also Listed On: TerraCaching.com


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Ticks Snakes Poison Plants In the Woods 

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Beware Yon Geocaching Adventurer,

Your Quest Brings To You Five Challenges If You Dare To Pursue Them.
This the final quest is not for the feint of heart. Though the treasures are great, each are guarded by a dragon. 
To Complete your quest you must expand your horizons and search in four different lands that you may not be familiar with. Each of these lands will, when investigated, give you a piece of a puzzle that will ultimately discover the fifth and final challenge. 
Be Warned: The Final Challenge Cannot Be Found Without The Clues Found In Each Challenge! The website below gives all the details to this unknown cache.
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2 06 July 2013 DudleyGrunt Didn't find it

I attempted to tackle this awesome series "on my way" back home to Maryland form Myrtle Beach. I got into the area around noon and, after picking up lunch arrived at territory of Terra Rector (GC4C1YV) around 1 PM. It was a short hike from parking and a quick find. This one was my 3600th Groundspeak find.

Next, I headed to my least familiar of all the lands, that of Glaciem Rex (OXZT60Y). I was able to locate good parking for it and made a quick find as I approached GZ.

From there, I headed off to much more familiar lands to locate Ignis Deus (TCEFA) and (of course) it started to rain. Just barely, at first, but as I arrived at GZ, it was much more steady. Couldn't let a little rain derail my dragon quest, though.

By the time I got back to my vehicle around 2:20, it was coming down pretty hard. Took care of some logging and updated HeadHardHat on my progress.

I headed off to find my last "elemental" dragon, Aqua Imperator (OU063A). Mother Nature was smiling on me, as it had stopped raining and the sun was coming back out, by the time I got my way over to the parking area. Another short hike and I had all the info I needed to locate he the final, Phaedra, Lord of the Dragons.

After some searching, I found parking for the final and made my way toward GZ around 3:00. I was expecting a fairly quick find and then have time to tackle a few more caches before heading toward home.

After an hour of searching, I needed a break and left to refuel and such. Thought maybe that and returning refreshed would result in the quicker find I was expecting. However, by 5:30, I'd become quite convinced that Phaedra wasn't home or didn't want to be found.

That's how the game works, though. I will plan to return, hopefully with one or two friends, to complete the series and to hopefully tackle more of the TerraCaching and OpenCaching North America hides in the area.

Though he was too far away and occupied for me to meet in person, I was able to text HeadHardHat throughout my adventure, particularly in regards to the Phaedra.

I've since heard back from him that he's confirmed it is missing and he'll be replacing soon.

I'll be back to complete my quest.

Thanks and Happy Trails!


1 23 May 2013 debaere Found it

I beta tested this cache for the CO, and despite giving a couple weeks after being published on tc.com, there are no finders, so I am going to log this one to get it off my todo list.

Great cache, awesome series. Thanks!