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Western New York Vietnam Veterans Memorial - OU06DD

 Vietnam Memorial Virtual

Hidden by  Frank Broughton

N 42° 52.707' W 78° 52.940' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > New York
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 Date Hidden: 23 November 2013
 Date Created: 23 November 2013
 Last Modified: 20 August 2014
 Waypoint: OU06DD


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Over 500 WNYers died in the Vietnam War.

An old acquaintence of mine wrote this poem that is carved into the memorial:

They answered when called;
Asked for little and got less.
They made us poorer for their passing
But richer for their sacrifice.

In remembering the dead,
We embrace the living.
For we ought to remember
Better than we do.

Description of the memroial: two quarter-circular granite walls rise from the ground to approximately 12 feet in height. The walls are engraved with several quotes and other inscriptions, as well as the names of Western New York veterans killed during the Vietnam War. In the center of the semi-circular walls is a granite column with "Western New York Vietnam Veterans" and an image of a soldier and helicopter engraved on its top surface.


To log this cache you must visit the site and enter the password. The password is the middle intial of one of the names listed on the wall. The name is David Scritchfield, what is his middel initial?


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1 25 March 2016 Recommendation Sabrefan7 Found it

I stopped here after our yearly pilgrimage to the Broadway Market on Good Friday. I have been in the servicemen’s park several times but have never stopped here. Its a fitting tribute to the brave men and women that served during the war. being the youngest of 8 I actually have two brothers who were in Viet Nam.

My oldest brother Jack was a career Navy man and retired a chief Warrant Officer.
My other brother Vince served during  the Tet offensive.

Thanks Frank for bringing me out here today I have been out of the game for a long wile. I will  get out to your other Red Jacket cache soon.

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1 13 December 2014 RunsFromBears Found it

Quick find today while in the area for the 12-13-14 Geocaching event. It took me a bit to find the name but I got it. It felt like it was colder over here than at Canalside. Thanks for placing this virtual.

1 13 December 2014 Mr.Yuck Found it

See, I'm not the only person in WNY who finds Opencaches, 2nd to find. I stopped over after freezing my butt off at a 12/13/14 event about .15 miles away. Nice memorial. I found the names of 2 vets from the City of Tonawanda, where I grew up, both of whom my brother, a Vietnam Vet knew. I have also found both their names at the Washington, DC Vietnam Veterans memorial. Thanks for placing this Virt Frank, I/we appreciate it.

1 19 August 2014 sundrops260 Found it

A great memorial in a n awesome place thank you for getting me here for a nice walk at lunch time