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OCNA Challenge Cache - Half Alphabet Challenge (cache names) - OU07BD

 Using 1st letter of the cache name, find caches using at least 13 letters of the alphabet

założona przez  OCNAChallenges

N 26° 00.000' W 93° 05.000' (WGS84)

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 Lokalizacja: United States > None (Locationless)
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 Data ukrycia: 28 April 2015
 Data utworzenia: 28 April 2015
 Ostatnio zmodyfikowano: 30 May 2015
 Waypoint: OU07BD


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As the banner says, if you qualify, you can log it. All OCNA Challenge caches are locationless type, arranged as Geo-Art in The Gulf of Mexico.They are all "unknown" (?) caches, owned by a special Admin account, OCNAChallenges. Do you have an idea for one? Feel free to contact us.

Half Alphabet challenge (cache names): Alphabet Challenge caches are rather common throughout North America on, but lets face it, we have less than 2,000 active listings as of the publication date of this cache. So rather than finding at least one cache using all 26 letters of the alphabet (as defined by the first letter of the cache name), you need only 13, or half the letters of the alphabet for this challenge.

Verification: Please post your qualifying finds with your log, preferably in the format, and also keep in mind you can link to cache pages using our cache log editor, although is not mandatory. We will also accept a GSAK or GeoGet screen shot. To see if you qualify, you can just look through your list of finds in your profile, but keep in mind, we do have the equivalent of a Groundspeak "my finds pocket query", (instructions here) and that .gpx file is easily imported into GSAK, or any similar stats program. We recommend a "gpx gc" file, and we also recommend GeoGet as a free alternative to GSAK, should you not be a paid full version user of GSAK.


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1 20 March 2016 rvstauff Znaleziona

Here's 14 of my finds!  I qualify (BARELY)!!!!


Alternative to the Frog Gathering - OU074F


CMPD Canopy - OU0725

Disco Chicken - OU0727

Holey Cache #1 - OU05C8

Introduction to OpenCaching North America - OU04AE

Live Music Exchange - OU058F

Mint Hill Town Hall Virtual - OU073F

No Pen Required - OU057B

Open Grid - OU0082

SNOW Drift 4 - OU04AC

The Chrome Dome - OU077C

WTF BIT Mint Hill - OU0476

Yes Really - OU08C9

1 20 August 2015 ithink314 Znaleziona

Here is my count, and screenshot of find list will be uploaded. Thanks!

A-D    4
G    5
I-J    6-7
L-P    8-12
S    13!

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Find List ithink314
Find List ithink314

1 15 August 2015 Atmospherium Znaleziona

Much to my own surprise, I qualify. In fact, I listed 15 caches just to be safe.

Amherst's Amazing Talking Toilet - OU083D
Bond Lake Park - Upper Escarpment - OU0280
Cambria's Hillside Cemetery - OU0305
Erie Canal Museum - Lockport, N.Y. - OU02B6
Freedom Crossing - OU0490
Giant Metal Chicken of Death - OU02C2
J.C. Matteson Memorial - OU02C7
Natureview Park - OU0492
Opencaching Holiday Event - OU0186
Pembroke Park Cache - OU00B7
Quercus Humongous - OU00B6
Ridges of Chestnut - OU00C5
Spirit of Victory - OU0491
Two mile multi - OU00A1
Why are they there? - OU0279

1 11 August 2015 Borst68 Znaleziona

here's my "halphabet"


"OU083D","Amherst's Amazing Talking Toilet"

"OU00E5","Belva Lockwood"

"OU0389","Canal Concrete waterfall structure BIT Cache",

"OU02B6","Erie Canal Museum

"OU053C","Flocking to Times Beach"

"OU0460","Glen Falls Park"

"OU048F","Joseph Davis State Park"

"OU0492","Natureview Park",

"OU00B7","Pembroke Park Cache",

"OU00BD","Russell Park",

"OU005D",Scrub Jay"

"OU027F","Two if by land","

"OU0279","Why are they there?"

1 05 August 2015 GoinPostNet Znaleziona

Here's my list...thanks for the challenge!


A Tribute to Hugh -

Ca-Caw! Ca-Caw! -

El Lobo - (GCGC) -


HOMELAND: Brodey House -

Infiltrator -

James K. Polk Birthplace -

KP Park -

Live Music Exchange -

Open Hole -

Stumptown Webcam -

TermiteHunter XD - (GCGC) -

WTF BIT Mint Hill -