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OCNA Challenge Cache - I get around (Finder level 2) - OU07D3

 Find OCNA caches in 6 different States or Provinces

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N 26° 00.000' W 92° 45.000' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > None (Locationless)
 Cache Type: Unknown type
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 Date Hidden: 06 May 2015
 Date Created: 06 May 2015
 Last Modified: 06 May 2015
 Waypoint: OU07D3


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As the banner says, if you qualify, you can log it. All OCNA Challenge caches are locationless type, arranged as Geo-Art in The Gulf of Mexico.They are all "unknown" (?) caches, owned by a special Admin account, OCNAChallenges. Do you have an idea for one? Feel free to contact us.

I get around (Finder level 2): There are 50 United States, 31 Mexican States, 10 Canadian Provinces and 3 Canadian Territories. Additionally we will count Washington, District of Columbia and The Mexico City Federal District. That adds up to 96. Your task is to find OCNA caches in any 6 of them.

Verification: Please post your qualifying finds with your log, preferably in the http://coord.eu/OUXXXX format, and also keep in mind you can link to cache pages using our cache log editor, although is not mandatory. To see if you qualify, you can just look through your list of finds in your profile, but keep in mind, we do have the equivalent of a Groundspeak "my finds pocket query", (instructions here) and that .gpx file is easily imported into GSAK, or any similar stats program. We recommend a "gpx gc" file, and we also recommend GeoGet as a free alternative to GSAK, should you not be a paid full version user of GSAK.


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1 16 June 2016 Bon Echo Found it

Picked up finds in two new US states on a trip to texas, now I'm at 5 states and 2 provinces. Listing all 7 here to make it easier when it comes time to log Level 3.

Arkansas: Daisy BB Gun Museum - OU01B6
Minnesota: Welcome to Minnesota - OU080A
New York: Kenmore, N.Y. Little Free Library - OU079D
South Dakota: Welcome to South Dakota - OU0812
Texas: Seawall Cam - OU0589

Alberta:Alberta's First Cache! - OU0740
Ontario: Riverside - OU0329

Thanks OCNA Team!

1 20 August 2015 ithink314 Found it

1 17 May 2015 NativTxn Found it

Thanks to a moving cache, here's 6 states.

TX: http://coord.ch/OU034E - Country Corner

LA: http://coord.ch/OU0084 - La Plaza de Spana

MD: http://coord.ch/OU04C7 - Good For Your Soul #4

OH: http://coord.ch/OU054C - Infiltrator

NC: http://coord.ch/OU054D - Infiltrator BIT

WA: http://coord.ch/OU05A9 - Eye of the Needle


1 13 May 2015 cycleangela Found it

Here's my list. Thanks for setting up these challenges!

Delaware - http://coord.ch/OU02CF

Maryland - http://coord.ch/OU03CD

New Jersey - http://coord.ch/OU02E9

North Carolina - http://coord.ch/OU055E

Pennsylvania - http://coord.ch/OU0214

Virginia - http://coord.ch/OU0103