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VST #4 Our Queen - OU0867

 National Steamboat Monument

Hidden by  Those_guys

N 39° 05.794' W 84° 30.303' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Ohio
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 Date Hidden: 08 July 2015
 Date Created: 08 July 2015
 Last Modified: 12 August 2015
 Waypoint: OU0867


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Rising above the concrete slopes of Cincinnati’s Public Landing at Sawyer Point is a three-story, 60 ton, exact replica of the original red paddle wheel from the American Queen riverboat.  It is positioned about 40 feet off the ground, above a series of metal smokestacks in what is known as the Dan and Susan Pfau Whistle Grove.  The smokestacks showcase the importance of steam in the early days of riverboat travel and the relevance that riverboats played in the early history of Cincinnati.

The stacks have motion sensors that, when you placed you hand on the shadowed hands, you would hear the sounds of that era, such as music, steamboat talk and mechanical sounds.

In the center if a plaque with a riddle;

"In order to make this grove to sing
  You'll walk an X within the ring
  Start here and move towards the tide
  Circle close, 'round the last stack, turn back in stride.
  Now walk towards the city and turn as before
  To the center, turn left and repeat it once more
  Stand still
  Listen and chill
  Watch the rhythmatic steam
  The hidden music is inbetween."

If followed, it once let of steam and whistles to reward those who solved it. But due to budget cuts, it only goes off during special dates.

To log this cache you must do the following:

1. Take a photo of you and/or your gps unit with the Roebling Bridge in the background.

2. Enter the answer to the following question in the password:  What can be seen on all the stacks?

The Virtual Segway Tour Series

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#2 Smale Park
#3 The Brigade
#4 Our Queen
#5 Yeatmans Cove
#6 L & N Pedestrian Bridge
#7 Losantaville
#8 The Golden Arches
#9 International Gardens
#10 So Shiny!
#11 Woodhenge
#12 Air, Water, Wind
#13 What is That?
#14 How high can it go?
#15 Time to Cool Off


#1 Virtual Segway Tour

#2 Smale Park

#3 The Brigade

#4 Our Queen

#5 Yeatmans Cove

#6 L & N Pedestrian Bridge

 #7 Losantaville

#8 The Golden Arches

#9 International Gardens

#10 So Shiny!

#11 Woodhenge

#12 Air, Water, Wind

#13 What is That?

#14 How high can it go?

#15 Time to Cool Off

Additional Waypoints

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Interesting PlaceN 39° 05.809'
W 84° 30.290'
 Steamboat Row.

As you journey to your next destination, take a look at the pillars as you pass. You will find plaques honoring some of the most well known steam packets that traveled the Ohio River, even an iron clad gunboat! 


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1 06 June 2016 TommyGator Found it

Cincinnati has a long history associated with the river, and it was really neat being at this vantage point.  I would have loved to have been able to make the wheel "sing!"  This was my twelfth find of the VST series---Many thanks!
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