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VST #10 So Shiny! - OU086F

 Castle of Air

Hidden by  Those_guys

N 39° 06.438' W 84° 29.528' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Ohio
 Cache Type: Virtual
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 Date Hidden: 13 July 2015
 Date Created: 13 July 2015
 Last Modified: 12 August 2015
 Waypoint: OU086F


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The Castle of Air is a modern interpretation of a classic hunting lodge (18th century) that is seen all over Europe. The particular one chosen by the pavilion designer, Mr. Peter Haimerl, is the Pagodenburg Castle located in the Nymphenburg Park in Munich, Germany. a Sister City of Cincinnati. The structure uses highly reflective material that reflects images of nature on the inside of the building. This material reflects the sky and its surroundings and as it does so the building seems to disappear – hence the name “Castle of Air”. Created by Peter Haimerl in 2004.

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The Virtual Segway Tour Series

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#13 What is That?

#14 How high can it go?

#15 Time to Cool Off


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1 06 June 2016 TommyGator Found it

My eighth find of the VST series this afternoon.  While I was there, two ladies (also on bike, just like me) stopped by and were making goofy faces in their reflections, much as you might see at an amusement park having trick mirrors.

Interesting that there are seats inside.  Email with answer on the way---Thanks!

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Shiny indeed!
Shiny indeed!