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Keen Ice - OU00FF

 I am a member of this organization and you can get the information needed from the coordinates without even getting out

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N 43° 06.279' W 75° 20.348' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > New York
 Cache Type: Virtual
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 Date Hidden: 09 October 2010
 Date Created: 09 October 2010
 Last Modified: 29 November 2010
 Waypoint: OU00FF


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I have been wanting to place a virtual cache here since this organization has such a long history in our area.  The activity here is a roaring good time.  This club is the largest of its kind east of the mississippi river and is the longest


Below is a short excerpt from the clubs website so you can get a feel for how much history there has been here.

The Erie Canal had just opened up the West, and the Age of Immigration was beginning. Thousands were coming to America from the British Isles and Europe drawn by the promise of food, jobs, and prosperity. The Mohawk Valley, with its abundance of waterpower and its strategic location in relation to transportation, was on the leading edge of industrialization. The population of the area was growing rapidly, and two out of three Uticans were born in foreign countries or were children of immigrants. In this great "Melting Pot", the heritage of these new Americans tempered the area with new traditions and customs.


To claim this find drive to the coordinates and you will see the club sign answer the following

1. what year did the club form, date is on the sign.

2. what direction is the bird looking, right or left

3. what is the bird perched on

4. How many points are there on the birds wings

5. If possible post a picture of yourself with your GPS at the site


If any cacher ever whats to try this activity drop me an e mail.  There are events open to the public several times a year.


I hope you enjoy Central New Yorks newest virtual cache.


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1 19 November 2010 Cayuga Crew Found it

After locating Just off 365 I drove down to this cache to gather the necessary information to claim it as a find and will be forwarding that info to the owner toot sweet.


This and the other Opencaches I found today provided a nice idversion from a long day on the 90.  Thanks for placing them


Here's a photo of my GPSr just outside the front doors of the club.


1 08 November 2010 choclatnut Found it

My second Opencache ever! Great place! I even got to go inside and check it out. I've watched this sport on TV, but never knew there was a club so close to home!. E-mailed answers to CO. Thanks for bringing me here.


Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
I got to look inside!
I got to look inside!

1 26 October 2010 bullseye1 Found it

Been by here before but never realized what this place was. Cool.Smile

Have watched this sport on tv, may stop by to watch sometime. Thanks for bringing me here. E-mail on the way with the answers. This is my first open cache.