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Benchmark Cache type template - OU0A6B


Hidden by  Bon Echo

N 80° 00.000' W 79° 00.000' (WGS84)

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 Location: Canada
 Cache Type: Virtual
 Size: No container
 Status: Ready for Search
 Date Hidden: 04 March 2017
 Date Created: 03 March 2017
 Last Modified: 25 April 2017
 Waypoint: OU0A6B


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User Description
Please provide a brief summary of the location and how to find the benchmark.
Logging Requirements

Please provide your requirements for logging this benchmark. To prevent "armchair" logging, we recommend the use of a logging password or require the finder to upload a photo of their visit. For example, you might write:

Please include photo proof of your visit. Any Found It logs without proof of visit may be deleted. It must be clear from your photos which benchmark was visited, since they can look very similar from a distance. A close up photo showing the markings may be required.

To learn more about Logging Passwords, click HERE

Disk Image
Please add a close-up photo of the benchmark in this box; first upload the photo to this listing (for details on uploading photos, click HERE). Use the "Insert/Edit Image" tool to insert the photo. For landscape photos, set width to 600 and height to 450. For more information on inserting photos, click HERE. WE STRONGLY ENOURGAGE THE USE OF IMAGES FOR BENCHMARK LISTINGS.
Location Image
please add one (or more) photos showing the location of the benchmark. Following the instructions listed above to add the photo(s).
Please record the name of the agency responsible for setting or maintaining this benchmark (ex. National Geodetic Survey, US Geological Society, etc). You might find that information stamped onto the benchmark or listed online. Or, state "Unknown". For more information on Agencies, click HERE
Designation / Station Name

Please state the "Designation" or "Station Name" of the benchmark. The Designation / Station Name is the name of the Survey Mark. It is usually stamped on benchmark disks. Or state "Unknown"

PID / Unique Number
NGS survey marks may also have a PID ("Permanant IDentifier". It is a unique 6-digit number used to identify the mark in online databases. Other agencies (such as the Canadian Geodetic Survey may also use Uniquie Numbers to identify marks. PID's / UNique NUmbers are usually only found online. For help with finding a PDI or Unique Number, click HERE. Or state "Unknown"
Marker type
Please add the Marker Type. Common marker types include Benchh Mark Disk, Bolt, Water Tower, Lookout Tower. There are many differnt benchmark Types. If your benchmark is listed in one of the online databases, look there to determine what the Marker Types is. Or, use you judgement based on your oberservations. To learn more about marker types (with examples), click HERE.
Please add based on your observations or photos. For examples and information on this feature, click HERE

For survey disks and bolts, please describe the manner in which the mark is set. If your benchmark is listed in one of the online databases, you will be able to find that information in the database entry.

If the banchmark is not listed online, do your best to briefly describe the manner in which is the mark is set. For help with this feature, click HERE.

Otherwise, state "Unknown" or "Unavailable"

Link to Mark Datasheet
If you benchmark is listed in an online database such as those maintained by the National Geodetic Survey or the Canadian Geodetic Survey. For more help witht this feauture, click HERE


another option with less text. Leave it up to the user to add what they want

User Description
Please provide a brief summary of the location and how to find the benchmark.
Logging Requirements

Disk Image

Location Image



PID / Unique Number

Marker type



Link to Mark Datasheet


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