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HNAG WWFM XIV / Introduction to Geocaching 2017 - OU0A6C

 Come out and learn the basics of Geocaching

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HNAG WWFM XIV / Introduction to Geocaching 2017

Simcoe Memorial Park

280 Owen Street Simcoe, Ontario

June 10 2017 10:00am- 12:00 noon.

Flash Mob 10:00am- 10:30am

Introduction To Geocaching 10:30am- 12:00 noon.

It's WWFM 13 (World Wide Flash Mob) day, so we will beginning the event with a flash mob

We will meet at the by the washrooms @ 10 AM.

Assembly for Picture 10:15

Introduction to Geocaching starts at 10:30

We are hosting the 7th annual basic geocaching information session. in conjunction with Norfolk County Program Division to help promote outdoor activities in our area.

Seasoned geocachers are welcome to stay and share their stories

Learn the basics of Geocaching, How to use a GPS or GPS enabled smartphone to find geocaches, 

Are you a geocacher already? and have a MUGGLE FRIEND that you would like to convert into a geocacher?

Or a friend who you would like to introduce to the wonderful world of geocaching?

Well, this is an event geared towards you and your friend.

Please bring along your GPS to show our muggle friends how this all works.

No friends to convert  thats ok as well , come by and share your geocaching experiences with the others.

We will be putting out some new caches to add to others that are already there.  

Also bring any trackables to discover or pass along 


This years is Canada's 150th Birthday

Geocaching is 39/150 on the participaction-150-play-list https://www.participaction.com/en-ca/programs/participaction-150-play-list

and there will be many Canada 150 events held in Norfolk County this year https://www.norfolktourism.ca/norfolk-heritage/canada-150/


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I'll try to be there.

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