Task Difficulty: 2.0 Out of 5.0
Terrain Difficulty: 3.0 Out of 5.0
Long Forgotten Iron Bridge - OU0139

 Follow the brand new loop trail to the Long Forgotten Iron Bridge

Hidden by  logger&trail

N 43° 06.776' W 79° 16.378' (WGS84)

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 Location: Canada
 Cache Type: Traditional
 Size: Small
 Status: Archived
 Date Hidden: 12 September 2010
 Date Created: 23 October 2010
 Last Modified: 14 May 2013
 Waypoint: OU0139
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Bring Your Own Pen Available in Winter In the Woods 

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Comments by the OC Team

Data: 05/14/2013 19:08:57, add by DudleyGrunt
I am now archiving this cache due to the time since it was approved by the team and it having yet to be activated. If you decide that you would like to go publish it at a future date you can either create a new cache listing or contact the OC Team (link on menu bar) and ask for it to be reviewed.

We look forward to your continued participation with OpenCaching North America.

Happy Trails!

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Hidden way back in the woods below Decew Falls is a long forgotten Iron bridge. While the decking is long gone its iron trusses are still in good shape and are an odd reminder that this was once a very active area with roads and dwellings along the base of the escarpment.

Please do not attempt to access this cache from 1st Street Louth, this area is private property and is marked No Trespassing along the length of the road.

Please park at Morningstar Mill (N43 06.598 W79 15.859) and follow the Bruce Trail to one of the trail access points at either N43 06.626 W079 16.263 or N43 06.711 W079 16.217

Logbook only cache, I forgot a pencil so you better remember yours :)

Walking A Thin Line

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Jurer Fgrry Zrrgf Ebpx



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