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Town of Tonawanda Veterans Memorial - OU017F

 Beautiful Veterans Memorial dedicated in 2009

założona przez  Mr.Yuck

N 42° 59.492' W 78° 51.193' (WGS84)

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 Lokalizacja: United States > New York
 Typ skrzynki: Wirtualna
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 Data ukrycia: 22 November 2010
 Data utworzenia: 22 November 2010
 Ostatnio zmodyfikowano: 22 November 2010
 Waypoint: OU017F


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The Town of Tonawanda Veterans Memorial was dedicated August 18, 2009. Former U.S. Army General and Secretary of State Colin Powell delivered the keynote address. The focal point of the memorial is a seven-foot V-shaped monument of Paradiso granite, standing for "Veterans". The monument was designed by local artist and Vietnam veteran Ralph Sirianni. The monument grounds include the famous "blue airplane", which is a Korean War era U.S. Navy Grumann F9F-6P Cougar, which has been sitting at Kenny Field (the name of the park the memorial is in) since 1959. This plane was most famously used as "playground equipment" from then until 2008, when the Town received a "cease and desist" order from the National Warplanes Museum over the use of this historic military plane!!


To log this virtual cache, you can simply upload photographic proof of your visit, with you in front of the Memorial or The Cougar Plane, or just your GPS in front of either if you are by your lonesome. Alternatively, you can answer the following questions via email:


A) How many in-ground floodlights surrond the main flagpole?

B) Find the Plauque in the front of the memorial for veterans of the Merchant Marine. Tell me the last name of Frank C.

C) Next to that plaque, you'll find the one with veterans of the Coast Guard. Tell me the last name of Matthew T.

D) Walk around to the back of the memorial (there are many blank plaques) and find the Marine Corps plaque. Tell me the last name of Dennis G.

Originally, my plan was to make you take information from the memorial to find the coordinates for a lock-n-lock container along the nearby rails-to-trails. That didn't work, I walked up and down it for a mile looking for a spot to hide it, but was disgusted by all the trash in the bushes along it, and didn't find it worthy of a cache. But I think you'll find this excellent memorial is more than worthy of standing alone as a virtual cache.



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 Park Here. This cache is fully handicap accessable.  




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1 31 March 2015 Bon Echo Znaleziona

Second stop on our way from visiting the museum of science to the falls. Whenever we stop at memorials like this, I can't help but realize how much was paid but men and women who were often at the same age and life stage as I am at - 30-somthing with young kids. I can't imaging leaving my family to go far away for so long and with so high a chance of never returning. And yet so many went, and still go, willingly. I am grateful.

I will add my photos shortly. Thanks Mr.Yuck for the virtual, our first of that tyoe with OCNA and our second OCNA find.

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Just before the memorial
Just before the memorial
Blue Star plaque
Blue Star plaque
In front of the memorial
In front of the memorial

1 30 June 2011 JuniorNimrod Znaleziona

Stopped by with DudleyGrunt on the way on our way to Niagara Falls, prior to GeoWoodstock.  Thank you!
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JuniorNimrod @ Veterans Memorial
JuniorNimrod @ Veterans Memorial

1 30 June 2011 DudleyGrunt Znaleziona

2771.  Great memorial.  I hope all the folks that pass this regularly, take a moment to realize what it means. 

This was my last find of the day with my son (JuniorNimrod), before heading to Niagar Falls to check in to our hotel and go to dinner.

Thanks and Happy Trails!  See you at GeoWoodstock!

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DudleyGrunt @ Memorial
DudleyGrunt @ Memorial

1 10 April 2011 GOF Znaleziona

Had a short conversation with a woman at the location who also remembered climbing on the jet as a child. She said "I don't know why they fenced it off. We climbed on it when we were kids and WE never fell off." Some people just don't get it.

It's nice to see that they have done some restoration work on the Cougar as part of the project. It was looking a bit shabby the last time I was near it.

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1 24 December 2010 Barbershopdru Znaleziona

Well, this is my very first Open Cache...at the reccommendation of the Cache Owner!  I tried to find another one today, but was wondering if the snow got in the way.  Oh well....here is my log and photo!
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Blue plane
Blue plane