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Beacon Pond - OU0181

 Cache is located near a pond. This is a night cache. From the posted coordinates you should follow the path.

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N 43° 24.181' W 80° 17.456' (WGS84)

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 Location: Canada
 Casilla tipo : Multicache
 Tamano: Small
 Estado: Ready for Search
 Tiempo: 0:30 h   Distancia: 0.25 mi
 Fecha disfraz : 30 July 2009
 Fecha: 22 November 2010
 Última modificación: 22 November 2010
 Waypoint: OU0181
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Cache is located near a pond. This is a night cache. From the posted coordinates you should follow the paved path to the very end.

This cache is best done when the sky is dark. You will have approximately one hour after dusk in which do do this cache before the beacon shuts down for the evening. This is a night cache but it does not use fire tacks so your flashlight will NOT point the way.

Follow the paved path for approximately 165m. The best view of the beacon is from the North corner at the very end of the path. From this spot you must look all around you for the beacon. There are many lights in the area so do not get confused.

Please trade up or trade even. The cache is small but can accommodate coins and small travel bugs.

Be sure and check out my nearby cache Portuguese Navigation

Additional hints  

No DNF shame here. Hold your head high as you return to the listed coordinates. Beacon is less than one hundred metres from end of path.


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