Task Difficulty: 3.0 Out of 5.0
Terrain Difficulty: 2.0 Out of 5.0
Cougar Campus Prowl - OU0223

 A tour through the Washington State University campus.

Hidden by  Nuttyguy

N 46° 43.968' W 117° 09.994' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Washington
 Cache Type: Quiz
 Size: Normal
 Status: Ready for Search
 Time: 2:00 h   Distance to Travel: b.d.
 Date Hidden: 07 January 2011
 Date Created: 07 January 2011
 Last Modified: 07 January 2011
 Waypoint: OU0223
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Kid Friendly Historic Site Limited Hours 

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Description   EN   

This cache will take you on a tour through the Washington State University campus. Go to the coords listed for parking (payment required). If the spots are taken, head a few blocks North or West to find some meter parking and eventually you'll find some free roadside parking. Sorry about the parking situation, it is a college campus, after all.

This cache will take you to 10 different waypoints. Each waypoint will require you to look at your surroundings to figure out the number needed for the final. Two of the waypoints are located inside the Compton Union Building. This building is open to anyone, for no charge. The hours of operation are usually 6am-2am M-F, 10am-2am Sat/Sun. Holidays, school breaks, and large weekends effect the hours of operation. Check cub.wsu.edu for current hours before heading out. Below is a list of waypoints with a question and math to figure out the number that corresponds with the letter. Go to http://nuttyguy.com/geo/CCP.pdf for a downloadable (and printable) PDF file with all the waypoints and questions. It might make this cache a little easier for you.

Take lots of pictures and enjoy the tour. Cache should take 1-2 hours. Bathrooms, water fountains, atm's, restaurants, gift shops, and coffee shops are all located in the cub. If you like this cache, favorite it, bookmark it, and share it!

N 46 AB.CDE W 117 FG.HIJ

A: Cougar Etch
N 46 43.946 W 117 09.928
At the bottom right of the etching is the artists name and year. What is the year? Subtract the last number of the year from the 2nd to last number.

B: Reading Man
N 46 43.858 W 117 09.878
What month is etched into the marble just below and to the left of the giant reading man? Which (numbered) month is that?

C: Scenic View
N 46 43.916 W 117 09.825
Admire the 360 degree view then find the plaque. On the plaque, how many letters are on the first bolded word?

D: Glass Windows
N 46 43.871 W 117 09.806
How many windows go around the bottom of the structure? Subtract 19 from that number.

Enter the Cub:
N 46 43.848 W 117 09.785

E: Cub Painting
Enter the cub from the given coords and head down the stairs to the left. You will see a painting to your right. How many yellow lines in the street are on the bottom right of the middle painting? Add the two digits together.

F: Cub Bubbles
Head down the hall on the same level as the painting until you come to another staircase on your right. Halfway up those stairs is a wall with bubbles on it. Count all the bubbles on that wall, then subtract 25. Continue up the stairs and exit the cub.

G: Zebra Heart
N 46 43.784 W 117 09.711
How many black strips are on the heart statue (this can be done from outside if the building is closed)
Multiple Choice (add 6 to the number the answer falls under)
1) 10-20
2) 20-30
3) 30-40
0) 40-50

H: David Stroy Hall
N 46 43.745 W 117 09.758
How many light fixtures are on each pole. Add 3.

I: Brick Floor
N 46 43.710 W 117 09.787
How many square brick tiles are there from one end to the other end, going west to east? Get rid of the first digit.

J: Pool
N 46 43.717 W 117 09.874
How many planters pots are surrounding the pool with the boy and fish? Add 2.

Additional Hints   Decrypt

Ghpxrq oruvaq oevpx jnyy va ohfurf.



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