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Bon Secours Spiritual Center Guestbook - OU0273

 A Labyrinth

Hidden by  DudleyGrunt

N 39° 19.816' W 76° 53.853' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Maryland
 Cache Type: Guest Book
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 Status: Ready for Search
 Date Hidden: 27 March 2011
 Date Created: 28 March 2011
 Last Modified: 20 September 2014
 Waypoint: OU0273


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The eleven circuit Bon Secours Labyrinth is the focal point of a one-acre sacred space surrounded by tall shade trees, plants, flowers and meditation benches. The Bon Secours Spiritual Center is used by many diverse groups for meetings, seminars and conferences. The labyrinth at Bon Secours is based on the design of the eleven-circuit labyrinth on the floor of the Cathedral of Chartres, built around 1220.

This area is a "Sacred Grove" and considered a place of silence, reflection, restoration and discernment. The space seems to beckon people from all walks of life--young and old, men, women and children of many ethnic backgrounds and faith traditions.

 Bon Secours 


When you enter the driveway, you'll see signs that may make you feel you shouln't proceed.  You may, however, access the grounds for the purpose of visiting the labyrinth.  Be sure to park at the recommended coordinates.  Signs for Visitor Parking will direct you, as well.  Pleae treat the area respectfully and in the manner in which it is intended.  Unless you have other business at Bon Secours, please do not roam the grounds. 

The Log Password for this cache will involve collecting three bits of information and doing some simple math.  You'll need to answer the following questions.  1) How many of parking spots are available at the listed parking coordinates?  2) Take the pathway that starts at the listed trail head coordinates.  How many "bricks" make up each square, along the path?  3) How many bricks wide is the main pathways of the labyrinth (not the turns or the center).  Multiply the 3 answers together and that will be the password.

Please also sign the guest book and post a picture of the area.  You do not necessarily need to be in the photo.

Though, I can't figure a way to require (in any varifiable way) finders to actually walk the labyrinth, but I would highly recommend doing so.


This bench and journal was placed as part of the Sacred Spaces program of the TKF Foundation, which has helped develop such places in the Baltimore, Washington and Annapolis areas.

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Additional Waypoints

 Symbol   Type   Coordinates  Description
Parking AreaN 39° 19.815'
W 76° 53.802'
 Count the contiguous parking spaces at this location. 
Trail HeadN 39° 19.830'
W 76° 53.849'
 Trailhead to labyrinth. 


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1 21 October 2013 ithink314 Found it

Was up in the area for business, and not too far away when finding a couple other puzzle caches, so decided to stop by, as this one had caught my interest when planning a trip. Although I was in a bit of a hurry, I took the time to slow down and walk the path, and had a really relaxing time. Thanks for bringing me here!
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1 04 August 2012 Recommendation cycleangela Found it

We stopped by on our way to the MGS Summer Picnic. I was able to get 1 and 3 for the password, but was stumped on 2. I talked to dudleygrunt at the event and told him what I got, and showed him the pictures of the area, and what part 2 looks like now. There's a chance that part may have changed over time? 

This seems to be the most used and the most tranquil guest book area of the one's I've done. We found the GC cache before heading over here, so we had plenty of time left to walk the labyrinth as well. I was actually hoping to get an up close picture of my GPS at the labyrinth to log a locationless cache, but didn't want to interupt the scene, so I'll have to come back by sometime for that. Thanks for bringing me to this spot!

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Bon Secours 1
Bon Secours 1
Bon Secours 2
Bon Secours 2

1 03 April 2011 sfcchaz Found it

Smile FTF Smile 11:10 AM. Well, I had some time today to do some caching and I noticed that there were a few opencaches close by that hadn't been logged yet.

 I decided to combine a groundspeak milestone day with a couple FTFs on the opencaching site. I have logged several of these type labyrinths around the country. On that sticks out in my mind was one in Hawaii (Maui). It was made of crushed coral and plants around the edge.

I have been here once before for a groundspeak cache not far from this site, but never knew this was here. Thanks for showing it to me. TFTC

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sfcchaz at Bon Secours Spiritual Center
sfcchaz at Bon Secours Spiritual Center