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Captiva Chapel by the Sea - OU0275

 This building under the palms, seagrape and gumbo limbs was originally constructed as a county school in 1903

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The guestbook is located on a podium in the center asile as you enter the front of the building.

This building was purchased by the Methodist Church as a mission in 1921.  During the school years, it was also used for religious services with a circuit preacher in attendance.  Due to the lack of Methodists on the islands, the Chapel (then known as the Wayside Chapel) evolved into the Captiva Chapel by the sea and services were with a circuit preacher brought over from the mainland by ferry.

It was reorganized in 1948 and began regular services with H.G. Pearce, D.D. followed by Rev. C.W. Kennedy, as resident ministers for the November through Easter season.  It was incorporated in 1952 and purchased from the Methodist Church in 1954.  The parsonage was built in 1965. 

One of the treasured traditions of the Chapel is the Christmas eve service, after which worshipers in the chapel gathered outside, each with a lighted candle, to sing Christmas carols.  It has been a tradition since 1950 when the first such service was held.

The cemetery is on a portion of the land originally homesteaded by William Binder and bought from him in 1900 by Emma Brainard (daughter of Hattie E. and Herbert D. Brainard,) who died the following year of tetanus and was burried on her small parcel of land along the gulf.  Her parents later bought the land surrounding her grave and donated it to the Islanders as a cemetery.

Many of the early settlers on Captiva have been burried there as well as later residents.  Currently, due to space, only the remains of Islanders and their families are included.

The Chapel is a mission, offering support to other missions in the area and other parts of the world.

Visit the Captiva Chapel By The Sea at 11580 Chapin Lane, Captiva Island, Florida.

The password for this cache can be found at the bottom of the chapel sign.  It is one word.

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Orfvqr gur przrgrel naq gur Pncgvin Choyvp YVoenel





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