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Twin Angel - OU0282

 Twin Angel Ruins BLM

Hidden by  kingbee

N 36° 34.769' W 107° 56.785' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > New Mexico
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 Date Hidden: 11 April 2011
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 Last Modified: 12 April 2011
 Waypoint: OU0282


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Twin Angel Ruins. Twin Angel is an Anasazi Ruin along remnants of the Great North Road from Chaco Canyon. First excavated in 1915 by Earl Morris, the ruin contained two room blocks and two kivas. It got its name from nearby Angel Peak, called Twin Angels at the time. We could only find one of the kivas, but the east and west room blocks were very obvious. This ruin is unsanitized and unstabilized - it appears as the last excavator left it. That’s a refreshing change from the pristine cliff ruins at Mesa Verde, first stabilized by the same archeologist Earl Morris in the 1930s and very cleaned up since. The site commands unobstructed views south down Kutz Canyon towards Chaco, and climbing a bit to the west yields an almost 360 degree panorama. Twin Angels may have been a waystation guiding pilgrims along the Great North Road to the Great Houses at Chaco Canyon. Solstice and other celebrations may have seen much travel through Twin Angels, Halfway House, Pierre’s Complex and other outliers to Chaco Ruins.
Twin Angels was built in the early 1000s, and abandoned by 1300. There is no arable farmland nearby, so it’s thought to have been a rest stop for pilgrims traveling to Chaco along the Great North Road. The North Road probably ran along Kutz Canyon below Twin Angels to the Salmon Ruin Great House farther north. It’s been traced as far as a primitive stairway cut into the lip of Kutz Canyon. Twin Angels lies on a northward meridian from that stairway, so it’s likely the North Road continued to it. Very interesting ruins.


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1 07 November 2015 lecycliste Found it

First came here in October 2009 -,

Lost map and directions to the site, so was unable to find it again until your post with its Google Maps link. 

Since so so few visit, it looks pretty much the same after six years, thankfully.

Note that BLM's marked trail begins at a drill pad about 1/2 mile south of the closer start you map here. The wood fence and turnstyle and the excavated kiva half are both visible in Google Earth. 


The North Road points to Salmon Ruin, first constructed in 1088 and later abandoned in favor of Aztec Ruin when the San Juan River began eroding away adjacent land. Aztec West Ruin's Great Kiva was restored by archaeologist Earl Morris in the 1920s and 1930s. 


This is is an outstanding area for photographers to explore - see for tips on how to photograph these hidden ruins.

It'll change your view of American history.

1 05 August 2015 suzy Found it

great place to vist

1 14 June 2011 mrsgeo Found it

tftc. signed guest book and checked out the ruins