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The Benchmark at Robinson's Folly - Mackinac Island, MI - OU02C1

 This is an unregistered Benchmark high on a bluff overlooking Lake Huron

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N 45° 51.172' W 84° 36.252' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Michigan
 Cache Type: Virtual
 Size: No container
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 Date Hidden: 21 June 2011
 Date Created: 21 June 2011
 Last Modified: 10 October 2011
 Waypoint: OU02C1


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Kid Friendly Access Fee Required US Benchmark Historic Site Listed on OCNA Only 

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Approving. You can work on the page and mark it as Ready, when it is.

Thanks for the new listing.


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Congratulations to Cyclops - FTF

Benchmark at Mission Point

We found this unregistered benchmark on Mackinac Island during our annual weekend at this beautiful island in Michigan. All our research to locate a listing for the benchmark returned no results and therefore, we decided to list it on

It is located atop Robinson's Folly, above the Mission Point Resort on Mackinac Island, MI. There is no admission to access this part of the island. However, one must ride one of two ferry boats from to mainland to the island. There is a fee for riding the ferry boats. There are two ferry boat companies. To determine pricing, Google "Ferry & Mackinac Island."

Below are two views: One from the vista looking down on the island and one from the island looking up at the vista.

The only requirement for logging this cache is to upload a photo of yourself and your GPS device standing or sitting next to the benchmark along with your log entry.

A map of the island including hiking trails can be downloaded at the following link:

View from the top

View from the Bike Trail

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Ybpngrq ba gur tebhaq nobhg 20 srrg onpx sebz gur rqtr bs gur pyvss



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1 26 July 2016 Highcountryhikers Found it

First spotted this elevation marker during our honeymoon on Mackinac Island on 7/24/1965, then again while geocaching on 7/20/2005 (...and every year since), but didn't know how to log it as we were still fairly new to geocaching.

Finally decided it was time to log the Benchmark as found on 7/26/2016 when we returned for our 51st. Anniversary. Our thanks to Cyclops for discovering this previously "unrecorded" marker so that we could log it.

Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
Robinson's Folly
Robinson's Folly

1 07 October 2011 Cyclops Found it

I was on the island for some cache maintenance and to enjoy a fine fall weekend.  I was here a month or so ago but forgot to bring the logging requirements.  TFTC
Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
Cyclops at The Benchmark at Robinson's Folly
Cyclops at The Benchmark at Robinson's Folly