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OCUS Pub Night - OU02CE

 Come Celebrate the 1st anniversary of Opencaching US

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Opencaching.US went live on August 18th 2010. I thought it would be a good idea for a pub night to say Happy Birthday OCUS.  The event will be at the Buffalo Brew Pub 6861 Main St Williamsville NY. Time will be 7PM till,,
Hope you can make it out for a bite to eat or just a refreshing beverage and good conversation. Please let me know how many are coming in your attend log. I have made tentative reservations for 15 or so  people. 


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9 28 August 2011 Sabrefan7 Cache archived

Cache was archived.

7 19 August 2011 Sabrefan7 attended the event

Well I attended my event. Thanks for being there me.  Had a good time it was nice to sit around over a few beers and some wings and talk caching. Our server, Chell was actually pretty interested in Geocaching. I gave her the info and told her she can use her cell phone so we may have a new player. It was nice to see every one again and even better meeting new friends. moxychic & The -Driver Smile I hope to see you on the trail again.  9 folks there not to bad for a year old web site. I would not mind doing one again. Nothing wrong with a pub night maybe some Saturday when the weather is colder.

7 19 August 2011 Borst68 attended the event

Enjoyed hanging out with everyone and having a few brews and wings!  I think a splendid time was had by all.  Thanks for organizing this SF!

7 18 August 2011 Barbershopdru attended the event

My very first OC event!  Ta-Da!

Not much of a beer drinker, but I enjoyed my RC Cola and popcorn. And actually an event where I knew everyone and could actually talk to everyone.  May not have been a huge crowd, but all in all sabrefan, I'd say it was an event well done!

I still think there should have been a logbook!

Just me, no BS.

7 18 August 2011 moxychiq attended the event

Beer and geocaching talk...what could be better? Great company made for a great event. It was very nice to see some familiar faces, and even better to meet some of the other locals. Thanks for a fun evening!