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Fuller Indian Mounds - OU0091

 Ancient Indian Burial Mounds

Hidden by  history-cacher

N 28° 22.888' W 80° 36.530' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Florida
 Cache Type: Virtual
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 Date Hidden: 06 September 2010
 Date Created: 06 September 2010
 Last Modified: 30 November 2010
 Waypoint: OU0091


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In 1933 Anthropologist M.W. Stirling from Yale researched the six burial mounds in this area and in one found 96 skeletons arranged in a circle. Along with his research he found some interesting artifacts. Information was obtained from archeological reports Br 90-95 in Tallahassee, Mounds are not extant. 

The actual mounds have long disappeared but once a great race of Native Americans burled their dead in this area. It was considered very sacred ground.  Nowdays there is a small public park with a Gazebo you can sit and look upon the Banana River and meditate on the ancient people's that once lived in this area.

Sunsets are fantastic here. Use encrypted hint for the mystery question

for the log.


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Jevgr va gur ybt, gur jvyqyvsr lbh fnj urer, be lbhe gubhtugf jura lbh ivfvgrq urer.





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1 29 September 2015 Ericles Found it

Nice history here. I was out night-caching to end my vaction and thought a virtual OC would be perfect. I didn't even look for the GC at this location as it has a few DNFs and looking by flashlight would have probably been too noticable. My story:

I parked the cachemobile and walked up towards the water's edge ... and something hissed at me! It was loud and somewhat startling. Silly cacher, that's likely a dolphin or manatee taking a puff. Cool I didn't see them out there but I heard them a lot. A great blue heron was standing just at the end of the park and flew off with a surprising amount of noise. I love startling those guys at night but hate when they startle me! The fish were jumping and something "ray-like" swam by illuminated (or maybe attracted to?) my flashlight beam. It was a very cool experience. I stayed too long and my wife got angry with me (although it might have been because she was jealous).

Many thanks for brining me here and for the OC.V!

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Night Heron
Night Heron

1 05 September 2011 Yankabucs Found it

1 16 December 2010 zstatman Found it

Beautiful day and a peaceful spot to see a few birds and boats in the distance. Nice, but pleasent, chill in the air.