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RVRT 3 - Bryn Bella - OU00B4


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N 33° 36.052' W 88° 27.547' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Mississippi
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 Date Created: 14 September 2010
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 Waypoint: OU00B4


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This is the 3rd in a series of virtual caches found exclusively on OC.US. We travel full-time in our RV and see many cool, unusual and amazing things. To share our experiences, we are creating virtual caches of the things we see around the United States.  We hope you enjoy them.


Bryn Bella is a beautiful plantation house built in 1848. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The physical address is 1822 Stinson Creek Road near Columbus, Mississippi. It received a Restoration Award by Historic Columbus.


Traditional southern antebellum architecture is beautifully captured by Bryn Bella. Built in 1848 by the William Cox family and designed by James Lull, this stately home boasts heart-pine floors, jib windows accessing multiple porches, and grand top and bottom hallways. Built with hospitality and fresh country breezes in mind, Bryn Bella, once a 5,000-acre plantation, is a lovely reminder of when “cotton was king."


Most people visiting the Columbus area might never know this great old mansion exists. We're hoping more people will visit Bryn Bella and enjoy the beautiful architecture and landscaping of this grand home.


If you like to camp, just 1/2 mile away is the DeWayne Hayes Campground. This is a Corps of Engineers park and it is great for family camping or a fishing / boating weekend. The Day Use area is great for picnicing and there is even a Sprayground water park to get cooled off in. Here's a tip: you turn the water on by touching the 2 sensors on the red pole at the same time.


To log this cache, please post a picture of yourself with your GPS in front of the mansion. There is parking by the road in front of the home and you need not go onto the property to get the picture you need.


Bryn Bella



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1 16 January 2011 ijeep Found it

My first find! Things are still snowy around here from last weeks storm and my daughter and I are really enjoying it. We stopped by here on our way to the physical cache and snapped a quick photo or two or three. TFTvC!
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