Task Difficulty: 2.0 Out of 5.0
Terrain Difficulty: 2.5 Out of 5.0
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Open Race - OU00C7

 Urban Wetlands

Hidden by  TermiteHunter

N 35° 12.525' W 80° 41.581' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > North Carolina
 Cache Type: Traditional
 Size: Micro
 Status: Ready for Search
 Date Hidden: 24 September 2010
 Date Created: 24 September 2010
 Last Modified: 24 September 2010
 Waypoint: OU00C7


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Bring Your Own Pen In the Woods Listed on OCNA Only 

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Open Race

An Opencaching Exclusive

    I found this area while planning a multi cache idea that I may revive at a later time.  Here you will find a wooded area with plenty of interesting features including a wetland area housing at least one beaver.  Hawks often frequent this spot with its nearby open grass areas for hunting.  All this right in the middle of urban sprawl.  I have placed a fitting container for the area among one of the interesting features of this island oasis. 

   The terrain difficulty can be greatly enhanced depending on your choice of entry to the area.  It may be easier if you park in the nearby lot and then walk around the area to find a more suitable entry point rather than just diving in to the woods.


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1 19 October 2015 ithink314 Found it

That was an interesting wander around and around. Found the container in the open, pretty much. Damp but OK inside. Different material for a container, but it's still OK.

Thanks, TermiteHunter, for setting this up!

+/- 54 @ October 19, 2015 4:02 PM.
Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
Pond Pano
Pond Pano
Wood Wall, Covered
Wood Wall, Covered
Beaver Work
Beaver Work
Block Wall, Down
Block Wall, Down
Last Cacher Remnants - Sandal
Last Cacher Remnants - Sandal

3 10 May 2014 QueensGrantMusic Comment

Did not have long pants so I did not want to even try.

1 19 May 2012 stargatekrewe Found it

So I thought I would buck the CO's recommendation and dive right into the woods. I quickly discover "diving" would be right as I would have been up to my neck in water. So I walked around and found a better way in. I found myself distracted by the scenery and took in the pond and all the work the beaver has been doing. Then I remembered my purpose for even being in this patch of woods and started my search. Took me a good 15 minutes before I happened upon the cache. Pretty cool seeing blank log, but then I later found out it was a replacement. This is a very cool area. I highly recommend the search. Thanks for bringing me here TH. Going to post two pics. One is some of the work the beaver has been doing. The other is something I came across whilst I bushwhacked a different way out. Let me know if anybody happens to take the same path and see this wheel.


Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
Busy Beaver
Busy Beaver

3 03 January 2011 TermiteHunter Comment

Checked today. The camo was there but the container was missing. Replaced the container with a larger more durable one in the same camo.

2 30 December 2010 NASCAR3nut Didn't find it

I arrived on site and took the recommended walk and entry point. I arrived at GZ after trudging through some snow (some of it was yellow). I looked all over and after about a half an hour it started getting dark so I had to use a PAF to the person with the FTF, therapaint. He gave me some clues and then finally told me what to look for, still no luck. He then told me where it should have been and still no luck. Either I am blind, therapaint has a bad memory or it is gone.