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OCNA 5th Anniversary Locationless Event - OU0889

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We will be hosting our first ever live, online virtual event on our 5th anniversary - August 18 @ 9 PM EDT.

The event will be hosted thru USTREAM.tv via DudleyGrunt's channel.  It should last about an hour to 90 minutes.

The idea / plan is to have discussion between the OCNA team and community.  We hope you can make it for at least part of of the time.

Post your Will Attend log here and watch the event to be kept up to date on any changes.

We will post a log here as well as update Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter the evening of the event with a direct link.


August 18, 2010 - August 18, 2015
...and beyond.


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3 19 August 2015 Bangkok_ian Comment

Sorry to have missed this, I am in Thailand and got the time gap VERY wrong. Hope there are more in the future, intriguing idea. 

7 19 August 2015 Mr.Yuck attended the event

Logging a day late, as I had to rip out my computer and the carpeting in the room immediately after. Indeed I ripped out some carpet during the event! Glitches? They just made this even more fun! Cereal commercials, a troll with a Bin Laden avatar, and there was an (allegedly) female spammer at the end whom I'm sure would have dropped a porn site link if anyone responded to her. Lots of humor flying around (who said "BRB, I have to get some cereal"?), and lots of good questions and answers. Great job DG, and we'll look at some other options next time.

7 19 August 2015 Atmospherium attended the event

I remembered just in time to drop in for a while. Too bad about the technical glitch, or whatever it was, that caused DG to fear we had all bailed out on him. This was a cool idea that I hope gets repeated sometime. Thanks!

7 19 August 2015 None attended the event

I had to attend this event. I love the idea and hope to see more of the type. 

7 19 August 2015 TermiteHunter attended the event

Well that was interesting. I was late to arrive and found DG "babbleing" since he could not see any of the comments from attendees. I wondered why he was ignoring us. It came back together at the end and then ended all too soon.


This was a great experiment.  If we could have multi cams from attendees with live conversations it would be more of an event with far less pressure on the host. Especially when the poor guy thinks he is all alone at his event.

We were there and listening between commercials with our own conversations about DG not seeing any of the comments.

Nice try. Let's do it again