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VST #13 What is That? - OU08A7

 Something Cincy wanted hidden from site. (Still in park system, not on bridge)

Hidden by  Those_guys

N 39° 06.136' W 84° 29.884' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Ohio
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 Date Hidden: 06 August 2015
 Date Created: 06 August 2015
 Last Modified: 12 August 2015
 Waypoint: OU08A7


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This sculpture was commissioned in 1972 by the Fountain Square Sculpture Fund with a gift donation from Charles Sawyer to commemorate the Cincinnati Bar Association's 100th anniversary.  It was created by Barna Von Sartory, a Berlin based sculptor who won the competition to create the sculpture.  It was made from a 34-ton block of limestone from Bedford, Indiana.  The original shape and contours of the cut block were maintained and parallel lines were etched into the stone. 

It rests on a polished stainless steel base with an archway in the center to invite the public to walk through.  When asked to describe the work, Barna Von Sartory said, “The upper part is society, very natural, left in a raw state. The lower portion represents the intellect, or, in this case, what the law has accomplished. With the lower “doorway,” people can enter into society.”

The sculpture was created on Fountain Square for the public to see and was displayed there until it was eventually moved to Bicentennial Commons.


To log this cacche you must to the following.

1. Take a phot with you/and or gpr unit under the stone.

2. Eenter what is missing from this sculpture ans enter it in the password field.

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1 06 June 2016 TommyGator Found it

The title of this cache says it all.  I was biking my way around the VST series and would have ridden right past this one had it not been for this cache---although interesting, it wasn't exactly an "eye-grabber" for me.  But then, art appeals to different people in different ways.

I had a bit of difficulty locating the artwork and took this reading at the GZ:

N39-06.102  W084-29.828

Took a look underneath, grabbed a pic, and then was off for the next VST cache.


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