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Perkins Park Virtual - OU0986

 Perkins Park is a well known park to families in the Newark, NY vicinity.

Hidden by  pond bird

N 43° 02.532' W 77° 06.160' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > New York
 Cache Type: Virtual
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 Date Hidden: 02 April 2016
 Date Created: 02 April 2016
 Last Modified: 01 November 2017
 Waypoint: OU0986
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Geographically, Perkins Park is located between two schools in the Newark School District.

This is a VIRTUAL cache! Please park at the parking area on the dead end portion of Davis Dr. in Newark. You should see a bridge in front of you where there are red posts separating Davis Dr. and the bridge into Perkins Park.


To log a find: 

  • Walk over the bridge and in front of you (at the coords) you should see a plaque on a rock. 
  • At the rock read the information regarding Perkins and the dedication via the family.
  • Write down key details about what you read you will hopefully be able to answer this question: Who in the Perkins family is responsible for the dedication and who is the dedication in favor of?
  • Message me* (via this site's message area) the details of your experience at the site and your answers to the question mentioned above in italics. If you have any questions or feel the site has changed let me know that as well since I go near Perkins Park almost every week! (For some reason I do not know how it works so please post a "note" if you feel you found the cache but didn't get a response from me) I will provide you with the password to allow you to log a find. 

*Please write a note on this cache page if you have sent me a message after 8 days if I have not responded.


When I was born there was a wooden playground in the park, in 2001 it was torn down and another playground was developed closer to Kelley school. In 2005 (or sometime around that year) the plaque was put in with the bushes surrounding it.

I hope you enjoy your visit here and make sure if you have time to walk around the trails that have been put in my the Village workers since 2005. There is a sign describing the flow of Military Run on the East side of the park. Since the entrance to the East side becomes a one-way and is near both school buildings, the plaque itself was put on the west side! 

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Cyndhr vf ba n ebpx gung pna or frra juvyr snpvat rnfg ba gur Oevqtr.



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