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General Benjamin Lincoln - OU09C2

 Moving Cache!!!

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N 35° 07.238' W 81° 17.477' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > South Carolina
 Cache Type: Moving
 Size: Small
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 Date Hidden: 23 May 2016
 Date Created: 23 May 2016
 Last Modified: 10 June 2016
 Waypoint: OU09C2


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Following the defeat of General Benjamin Lincoln at the Siege of Charleston in May and the defeat of General Horatio Gates at Camden, the British commander, Charles Cornwallis, appeared to have a clear path all the way to Virginia and that American resistance was at an end. In September, General Cornwallis invaded North Carolina and ordered Major Patrick Ferguson to lead an expedition to the settlements on the lower slopes of the Alleghany Mountains to get recruits, as there were many loyalists in the region. Ferguson provoked the Mountain Men living in the area by using threats rather than persuasion. Suddenly from the mountains and from the settlements in Tennessee rode a body of armed frontiersmen who had been joined by Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina militia. They found the British soldiers encamped on the top of King's Mountain. In about an hour they had killed or captured every British soldier in the ensuing battle, forcing General Cornwallis to retreat from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Like the Over the Mountain Men this little cache wants to move about throughout the Carolinas, Virginia, and Tennessee.  Be sure you understand how moving caches work and please if you move this geocache put it in a new place within 48 hours for other geocachers to enjoy.

Cache is a large bison tube.

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