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1 04/18/2016 No-Jay Found it

I found this one 15 months ago before I joined Opencaching. Revisited today. There are still two cache containers hidden similarly. One is soaked. Thanks for the fun!

1 11/03/2012 sfcchaz Found it

#24 of 29 finds today. Spent the day with DudleyGrunt caching in the area. Found hides on 6 different listing services today: GC, TC, OCUS, NC, LbNA and GPSgames.

This was a quick C&D. TNLN TFTC

1 03/31/2012 DudleyGrunt Found it

3194 / 80.  Was out with cycleangela for CAM, TC, & OCNA caches between SoMD and the Fredericksburg area, today.  Found this one and "To SERVE Man" on our way north and back home, before it started getting dark.

I liked the hiding / camo method used, here.  Still found it pretty quickly, but it was well done.

Thanks and Happy Trails!

1 03/31/2012 cycleangela Found it

Went out with Dudleygrunt to work on some of the OCNA and terracaches in the area.

This was a quick find as the sun was setting. There were some ants coming out of the "camo," but they hadn't invaded the container yet.

Thanks for the cache!