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2 01/01/2019 NICKKKKK89 Didn't find it

Will try again later.

1 03/14/2015 rvstauff Found it

Got it! After DNFing a cache on the "other" service, I decided to hit an opencache! I wanted to get this one while it was on the Laundry List, but I didn't make it over here. Too far from Mint Hill, I guess!

Thanks for the cache, Termitehunter!

1 02/22/2015 themulcher Found it

Out with goinPostnet, hitting the gcgc laundry list caches. We pull up......... cars for days at GZ  I notice somethings not right, straight ahead. Out to inspect and I have the cache inhand. Returning was a different story. TFTH

1 02/21/2015 GoinPostNet Found it

Out grabbing GCGC laundry list caches this afternoon with themulcher. We parked right at GZ and themulcher spots something immediately. He makes the ninja grab right in front of a muggle in the car in front of us. Thanks for the snow flurry!

1 02/18/2015 gbmcache Found it

This cache has not been found in more than 2 and a half years and here I come placing my name beneath keith713's who had visted the cache earlier in the day. I am sure there is a reason for we two having visited the cache on the same day after so long a time. Thank you for a new way of placing such a cache container in a familiar location.

1 02/18/2015 keith713 Found it

Nicely hidden. my 2nd open cache

1 07/15/2012 FailedApparatus Found it

I have been reluctant to seek these caches but I am not sure why.  After finding two other OCus caches today with SGK, I decided to stop here to try out one of these.  I can easily ashamed that I didn't take a look at these before.  If this is an example of what this series really is, it blows your typical RIAN cache out of the water!  Thanks for the hide, TermiteHunter.  I'll be picking up a few more of these in the future.

1 07/15/2012 Auroral Mechanism Found it

We stopped to grab this one since we were passing by it on the way home from a weekend caching trip.  I'm still learning how to use Columbus on my phone so luckily we didn't need to use it for this one.  FA made the grab and we were quickly on our way.  Thanks for the hide!

1 06/23/2012 stargatekrewe Found it

Was able to come back to this cache and make the find (been here before but LEO was watching me). Thanks for the series TH. You have literally invented a new container/hide style for this series. It's great.

1 04/19/2012 hamfolk Found it

Our second OC find and a FTF. Thanks for the series and will be logging many more (hopefully).