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4 09/20/2017 McCaching Skrzynka przeniesiona

Sorry, I moved this cache on 10 September and logged it on my mobile device.  Just noticed today that it did not take for some reason.  We will call the new location "The Troll Bridge".  D/T 1.5/2.0.  Hint: Take 1 step down.

New Coordinates:

N 35º 24.589

W 080º 34.071

1 09/09/2017 McCaching Znaleziona

Was out in the park this morning and saw this was nearby. Did not have to duck during my search, but did get asked if I lost my disk. Took a few to find, but finally put my hands on it. Will move to next spot soon. TFTC

4 08/03/2017 Militescriste Skrzynka przeniesiona

New Coordinates: We will call this one, DUCK! You will know why when you get close. 

N 35° 26.600

W 080° 38.223

It's nearby GC4ZP1A and there are 8 other GC in this park. 

Thanks TH for this hide. I enjoyed my first moving cache. 

1 08/02/2017 Militescriste Znaleziona

Picked up TH and will post his next placement shortly.

Logged with GeoCaches iOS application, 0.90 km. from the cache

3 02/04/2017 ithink314 Komentarz

If coordinates seem off, try subtracting 2 from both. Was near and stopped by and checked, with different result than before.

### **Thanks, TermiteHunter, for setting this up!** ###

+/- 100 @ February 4, 2017 18:07.


4 12/21/2016 ithink314 Skrzynka przeniesiona

I'm calling this new spot Pondering Overlook. If you come during fall/winter, you'll have a view of a pond. Warning: Look out for old barbed wire in the area.


New location:


N 35° 25.453 W 080° 39.537


You'll almost walk by the final of GC633HY on the way, and many other GC hides are around here.

Obrazki do tego wpisu:
Cleaned up
Cleaned up

1 11/05/2016 ithink314 Znaleziona

I was headed north, and always enjoy a moving cache, so I made a beeline here before someone else grabbed it. [:D] It turned out to be a lot more tricky to see than expected, and took both hands to remove. Really good hide, GPN! However, it was full of water, and quite a few ants, so I'll clean it up a bit before rehiding it somewhere else. Mark this one in transit for a while.

### **Thanks, TermiteHunter, for setting this up!** ###

+/- 96 @ November 5, 2016 15:10.

4 01/24/2015 GoinPostNet Skrzynka przeniesiona

Here's the new location...

N 35 02.325 W 080 48.443

3 01/24/2015 GoinPostNet Komentarz

Found today since it's part of the GCGC laundry list relay. I'll list updated coords for its location soon.

4 01/22/2015 HB31 Skrzynka przeniesiona

New coordinates:

N 35 10.252 W 080 37.916

Come and get it!

3 01/22/2015 HB31 Komentarz

It's good to see this guy again! Found him on this chilly morning near another cache I had been wanting to log for a while. Will post his new coordinates very soon.

3 01/22/2015 QueensGrantMusic Komentarz

This is at the final of another cache on geocaching.com

If you would like the coordinates, just e-mail me.


This is located just below the final of "The Forgotten War" GC4FDD6

1 01/19/2015 rekomendacja QueensGrantMusic Znaleziona

Found bring to Mint Hill.

4 01/19/2015 gbmcache Skrzynka przeniesiona

The cache has not found for over two years. I was accompanied to the find by GoinPostNet who had a remarkable memory for where he had place the cache all those many years ago. I took the cahe home and, as good and water resistant as the container was, dried it and it contents of the accumulated moisture. i have placed it at what I think is a convenient location for all those who may wish to add this to theier list of finds for the current GCGC Laundry list relay. It is laying on the short brick wall next to the carport. Here are the new coordinates.

N 35° 10.667 W 080° 45.936

1 01/18/2015 gbmcache Znaleziona

TH's XD in in my possesion now. My next log will show where it is hidden.

4 10/02/2012 GoinPostNet Skrzynka przeniesiona

Moved to: N 35 02.333 W 080 49.179

D/T: 2/3

1 10/02/2012 GoinPostNet Znaleziona

Found this guy without much trouble...I'll place him in a new spot soon.

3 09/28/2012 HB31 Komentarz

Adding a comment so that I can rate this cache (couldn't figure out how to add a rating while editing my previous log).

4 09/27/2012 Mrs. HB31 Skrzynka przeniesiona

Moved to:
N 35 08.870 W 080 44.626

1 09/27/2012 Mrs. HB31 Znaleziona

Saw that HB31 had moved this guy so I ran right out to grab it!  I'm having a lot of fun with these moving caches - never know where they will be next!  Will move it to its new location very shortly......

4 09/27/2012 HB31 Skrzynka przeniesiona

Moved to:

N 35 05.816 W 080 52.835

1 09/27/2012 HB31 Znaleziona

Excellent cache and hide! Love the idea of a moving cache, too!

4 09/27/2012 rvstauff Skrzynka przeniesiona



Cache moved to 

N 35° 10.270'

W 080° 39.5165'

1 09/27/2012 rvstauff Znaleziona

YAY!  Cool




I came back to Idlewild (for the THIRD TIME) in order to claim the cache.  This time, I was armed with a LITTLE intel from the hider (TH himself) and I made the find relatively easily.  I was RIGHT BY IT on my second visit, but my eyes were on the ground.


This hide should be easy!  Go find it!!!  You MIGHT get a chance at winning a free geocoin from www.charlottegeocaching.com!!!


You need to look for a leaning spruce tree, just behind the geocaching.com hide, Bookworms Beware (http://coord.info/GC1K96E).  The leaning spruce is behind a BIG oak tree.  Go find it - super easy!!!  Remember to log your find on the GCGC to have a chance at the free geocoin!

3 09/20/2012 FailedApparatus Komentarz

N35 09.845 W080 42.057
N35 09.836 W080 42.074

Cache location moved from

N35 09.845 W080 42.057
N35 09.836 W080 42.074

2 09/19/2012 rvstauff Nie znaleziona

Damn You, TermiteHunter....  (shaking fist in air)

3 09/17/2012 TermiteHunter Komentarz

Forgot to rate

4 09/17/2012 TermiteHunter Skrzynka przeniesiona

Left him to keep an eye on the undead nearby.

N35 09.836

W 080 42.074

1 09/17/2012 rekomendacja TermiteHunter Znaleziona

I had to see what my counterpart looked like.  Found hime keeping watch over some kind of colored container. Taking him with me to the next.


#975  GC944 / OCus 26 / OCom 2 / TC 3