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1 08/31/2014 Johmer and Tinks Found it

I realized on the last day of the month that I needed a few more tasks for the "Diversified Cacher Contest" so I headed out to grab this one.  I'm usually not much for micros in the woods, but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.  Thankfully, the coordinates were perfect, making the find very simple.  However, the cache was laying out on the ground when I approached it, so I replaced it where I think it was supposed to be hidden.  As 35mm containers go, this was the driest one I've ever seen, so good job with that. 

1 05/31/2013 DePhogration Found it

Very glad to see good coords given.  The other cache in the park had lousy coords, and was not findable.  This one was a breeze.  Thanks.
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1 11/03/2012 sfcchaz Found it

#27 of 29 finds today. Spent the day with DudleyGrunt caching in the area. Found hides on 6 different listing services today: GC, TC, OCUS, NC, LbNA and GPSgames.

The hide location has some water in it, but the cache is nice and dry. This was a quick C&D. TNLN TFTC

1 10/22/2012 wetfit Found it

2nd to find.  A quick cache after work. Congrats to D-Grunt for the FTF.

1 10/22/2012 DudleyGrunt Found it

3735.  Definitely honored by the 3 new caches hidden by SoccerFanatics in this park.  Had an opportunity to stop by after work, today, and was glad to be able to claim the FTF this one.

SF micros in the woods usually give me more trouble.  Once I got near GZ, I actually found this one pretty quickly.

I definitely made getting to the cache more difficult than necessary, though it still wasn't bad.  Coming back out, as it often is, was more obvious.

Thanks and Happy Trails!