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1 01/06/2018 ithink314 Found it

Since I was in the area, I thought I'd take a look around here at the museum again. The building closest to the posted coords is undergoing rebuilding, so it wasn't open, aside from a broken window. So, I took a couple pictures from just outside. Hope that's good enough.

Thanks, QueensGrantMusic, for setting this up!

+/- 142 @ January 6, 2018 9:34 AM
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ithink314 needs a doctor
ithink314 needs a doctor

1 05/07/2016 gbmcache Found it

What a fun time this morning! With the festival and the munzee game it is a good way to spend a morning. Not to mention having logged another open cache.

10 03/07/2015 QueensGrantMusic Cache ready to search

Cache ready to search.

11 06/14/2014 QueensGrantMusic Temporarily unavailable

Cache will be temporarily unavailable.

1 06/14/2014 rvstauff Found it

First to Find... kind of!


I went in the vistor's center today and chatted with the lady working, all the while looking for a guest book to sign.

After DNF'ing the guest book, I came out and asked if they had one.  Well, she said that they did not have one!

I called the CO (QueensGrantMusic), and he said that he assumed they had one when setting up the cache.  He will accept a picture of you INSIDE the Visitor Center.

Attached is the proof I was there!

Thanks for the cache, QueensGrantMusic!!!!

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RV in the Historical Society Building
RV in the Historical Society Building