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1 09/08/2017 Bon Echo Found it

On our way to Darien Lake amusement park for the weekend but not in any hurry since the rides would not be available until the next day. Stopped here to find this OCNA-only cache as well as a letterbox. The cache is in great shape and was easy enough to find, which is a bit suprising given that it's been 6 years since the last visitor (well at least since the last online log). I may post a few photos in a day or two. Wish I had went for the letterbox first as I would have known it was only a couple hundred meters to the cache. Instead I went out the way I came it and started in the other end of the trail (in order to follow the clues), only to find myself pretty darn close to where I had already been. Lesson learned. thanks Sabrefan7 for the cache.

1 12/26/2011 Rayman Found it

After striking out (initially) on the GC multi in the park, I continued on my hike back to this very nice hide. I missed the obvious nature trail from the first leg there and instead did a moderate bushwhack through the fields on a poor excuse for a deer trail. After going through that for about 500', I eventually found the proper trail. Really enjoyed the woods back here and the end of my hike to the cache. Once on site, I wandered around a couple minutes before deciding on a likely hide spot. Took another minute of examining that before making the grab. On the way out, I took the much easier nature trail back to my car instead of bushwhacking again. Great cache, thanks for placing it!

3 11/02/2011 Sabrefan7 Comment

Found in good shape after a nice walk in the park. Some one found it 28 Aug 2011 but did not log it here.. Hope you like the Opencacing site.Smile SF7 

1 06/30/2011 DudleyGrunt Found it

2768.  Still on my way to Niagra Falls, so stopped off to find another OCUS hide.  Enjoyed the walk out and back.  Thanks!

1 06/21/2011 Cski Found it

The tree cover had me all over the place back there.  However, finally narrowed on down to a possible location to find a well kept cache with a nice dry log.  All is good here and I'm happy to get this one off the list.

1 04/22/2011 Mr.Yuck Found it

Fine job. I was surprised to see it was almost 1/2 mile one way, but we found the other 2 caches on the way, and that made the hike seem shorter. Nice you saved the best for OCUS, not that the other two aren't excellent as well. Myself and Dru had to stumble around for a few minutes with our old Garmin's under the old growth tree cover, but we found it without too much difficulty. It's nice and dry inside. We signed the log, and took the nice hike back to the Yuckmobile. TFTC. 

1 04/22/2011 Barbershopdru Found it

A decon container in the woods??? What could be better?  Out and about with the cacher formerly known as TWU on our 'almost' annual Good Friday cache trip. It was easy to add this one into the trip as we were here for the others nearby! Thanks for my 3rd Opencache....will see about the others!

1 11/15/2010 GOF Found it

We had a good time hiking in to this one on one side and out on the other. Kinda made me wonder when we saw the signs for the shooting preserve. But we made the ciruit and got back to the car alive and unshot. Cool From here we set off for Batavia. We eventually got there but as it turns out this was our last cache of the day. But that is a story for a DNF on another cache.

Thanks for bringing us to this great little park.

1 10/28/2010 Borst68 Found it

Decided to do some caching in the area today so this one became a primary objective.  I have done your previous GC caches so I knew the drill on parking and trailhead location.  I set of on a cloudy and windy October day.  With the bad weather coming, I thought I'd take what I can get.  While it would have been 100 times nicer to do this YESTERDAY, that was not in the cards.  I enjoyed the walk on the trails and found a place to venture off to the zero.  The GPS pointed me to an area that made sense with the clue. It said I was within a few feet so I bagan searching.   I searched for a few minutes but found no cache.  I found a few spots that I thought would be perfect but no find was made.  I glanced back at the GPS and it now said I was 50 feet away.  When I went to where the GPS pointed, I had the cache in hand in short order.  The rain held off until I reached the car.  Overall, splendid walk in this cool, new park.  I am very thankful you have taken time to place some caches here.  With out them, I would not have ventured here.  TFTC.

1 10/12/2010 Szuchie Found it

This was probably our other favorite today as we got to explore an amazing nature trail that Chicky and I had no clue existed. Of course it took a bit to find the actual park seeing as I didn’t read the description…but then again, I’m used to going round and round in circles so really, it wasn’t anything I’m not used to. Haha.

After parking our stallion, we headed into the woods. This is an amazing trail, and I really have to commend the Town for putting this in place. You do really get the best of all worlds with this hike. We got to the appropriate spot on the trail and headed towards our zero. The coords were perfect, and after signing in we took a long hard look at some of the fungus growing around the hide. This stuff is really spectacular and many photos were taken of this icicle-esque plant. Chicky was amazed, so of course she’s going to run home and thumb through her guidebook to see exactly what kind of specimen it is. Haha.

We loved being here so much, we wanted to make sure we explored every inch of this trail so we completed the loop, reveling in the foliage the entire way.

Thank you SF7 for yet another quality adventure into lands that had been previously unknown to us. We’ll certainly come back here again as I see there are at least a couple others along this trail. This was great fun, much thanks!


PS: Chicky and I think it’s Bear Tooth Mushroom on your tree - awesome stuff! Here's the link to a pic because for the life of me, OC is not very helpful loading pictures!


1 09/27/2010 Atmospherium Found it

Daylight was fading fast when I pulled into the park and headed out on my bike to grab this cache and a couple others. Parked my bike and headed into the bush towards GZ. I was moving quickly and not paying attention properly to my direction. I found the cache after circling once or twice, and then proceeded to walk in the entirely wrong direction back to my bike. I stopped when I realized I was walking too far, then made a big circle until I got back to the trail. I would have died of embarrassment if I actually got lost and spent the night in the woods! Thanks for the cache!

1 09/16/2010 Cayuga Crew Found it

I guess as each day passes I am getting a little ore enthusiastic about this opencaching site.  After being notified of this placement last night arrangements were made to take a longer lunch than usual and head east to Pembroke.


This was the first visit  have made to this park. I quickly set off on the nature trail to hunt this new one and the GC caches hidden near by hoping to beat the rain.  Of course the drops began falling heavily just about the time I reached this cache which happened to be the furthest from where I parked.  It took a minute to locate the cache and I hustled to get it signed and rehid before the log got wet.   Coords were great and after finishing here I continued on the trail to complete the loop.