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1 08/14/2014 Mr.Yuck Found it

And (drum roll) my prediction was correct! I'm actually staying in the town of Seneca Falls, but much closer to Waterloo than downtown Seneca Falls. Found the info no problem. What a great little park with lots of interesting memorials and stuff. TFTC!

3 06/22/2014 Mr.Yuck Comment

The OCNA webmaster plans on staying overnight in nearby Seneca Falls, after he attends a Kiss/Def Leppard show to the west of this in August, and while taking Mrs. Yuck to some Cayuga Lake Wineries (we've already done the Seneca Lake thing). He predicts an FTF for this virt, although it would be highly cool if he wasn't. I'll delete this if I am indeed the first person to find it in 6-7 weeks. Tongue out