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7 10/26/2014 sfcchaz attended the event

Thanks to DG for hosting this one. Met several new cachers today. See everyone on the trails. TFTEC

7 10/26/2014 DudleyGrunt attended the event

Thanks to everyone who came out! I was starting to wonder. After about 40 minutes, it was just me, my uncle (ROOKIE49) and my aunt. I was wondering if maybe folks had accidentally set their clocks back a week early. Usually, if I get to one of my events less than 15 minutes ahead of time, there are already a couple people there and I feel like I'm late. Luckily, ROOKIE49 was off today (normally works Sundays) and was able to come. 

As it was, I was glad that we had 4 relatively new cachers and were able to (hopefully) offer some good advice from the more experienced folks who attended. It was the first event for at least Grewolf.

Was honored to be able to continue this annual event in cycleangela's absence.

Thanks and Happy Trails!