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1 01/09/2016 MrLukey Found it

I brought my fine-tipped sharpie for nothing! Laughing TFTC.

1 08/30/2015 tcox Found it

Finally logging this one as we weren't sure if we were supposed to sign what was there or if something had gone missing.  Neat hide.

1 08/11/2015 QueensGrantMusic Found it

Found while adding some more caches to the area.  I love this style of cache.  Might not last too much longer, already had a broken part.

1 07/12/2015 themulcher Found it

This one took a minute because we thought we were looking for something else. After reading the only log at the time, GPN had the log in hand Signed and replaced as found. Thanks for the hide.

1 07/12/2015 GoinPostNet Found it

I was out today with themulcher finding "back from the dead" caches. It took us a few minutes to locate the cache because we had other ideas of what the hide was going to be. Oh well, we managed to put our names on the log and replaced the cache as we found it. Thanks for the hide!

1 06/16/2015 rvstauff Found it

So after work I had a few minutes as was driving RIGHT PAST this cache for like the fifth time since publish.  I couldn't resist!

As I made the turn, I saw what appeared to be a cacher ATTEMPTING to look cool and laid back sitting on the bench all the while feeling around and trying to figure out how to extract the cache from its hiding location!  I'll give majot credit - she did as good a job as you can do in that situation.  I would have gone the more direct route and put on my neon reflector vest and crawled around until I found the darn thing!

She did all the hard work.  I just took the classic "Kiwi Handoff" and signed under the FTF.

Thanks for the cache, TH!  I see shades of the original hiding method definitely being employed again.