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1 08/16/2015 sfcchaz Found it

Mrs. sfcchaz and I had some free time this morning and wanted to grab the two new OCNA caches and the three geo-based (2 GeoVexilla Flags and single dashpoint) GPSGames.org finds in the Baltimore area. I also grabbed a locationless  Terracache at the Ripley's Believe It Or Not! at the Inner Harbor. If you look closely, you can see Mrs. sfcchaz standing in the shade of a tree on this already hot morning. Lots of people here today.

Funny story about this one is that I had actually gathered photos and information for this site when I was here 2 weeks ago seeking a couple of DudleyGrunt's other newly published caches. This has happened to me more than a few occasions. I guess I will use my information to create a Terracache here instead. TFTC

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Mrs. & Mr.sfcchaz at the Police Memorial.
Mrs. & Mr.sfcchaz at the Police Memorial.