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3 05/18/2017 Bon Echo Comment

On the the way to the Allegany State Park Geobash


I'll be milling about the event grounds on saturday, at the breakfast on Sunday and camping in Red House or Cain Hollow loops until Tuesday. Probably won't find me at many of the caches, I'm more interested in the letterboxes and benchmarks in ASP.

Look for me if you want to find the OCT!

Here I am: http://www.opencaching.us/viewcache.php?cacheid=2066


1 10/01/2016 Fish Below The Ice Found it

Found it at the BoxON! letterboxing event in Stoney Creek. I've always just missed travelling caches at events I've been to at the other place... nice to be able to find one here.

4 09/06/2016 Bon Echo Cache moved

On it's way to Rockwood for the GHAGAFAP event, Friday and Saturday. Look for the Fleetwood tent trailer in the group camping area, there you will find the cache. There will be a couple OCNA pathtags available in the cache.

1 04/16/2016 Mr.Yuck Found it

Bon Echo visited Geocaching HQ (which I had forgot I refer to my house as) today, and I got to sign the log for this cache, and will log the Geokrety inside. Nice to meet you, and thanks for stopping by and bringing this well done cache!

1 11/08/2015 simrebel Found it

thanks for bringing it to simcoe 

4 09/19/2015 Bon Echo Cache moved

Update: Attended the two events and the OCT cache found a good spot near the logbook.  No one seemed too interested in it.

I will have the OCT cache with me at the 14 annual GHAGAFAP geocaching event at Rockwood, ON. It will be in the group camping area on Friday night, at the Flames of the FAP bonfire on Friday night, and at the main event on Saturday. Coordinates for Flames of the FAP: N 43° 36.348 W 080° 09.153 Coordinates for the GHAGAFAP event: N 43° 36.480 W 080° 09.074 B.echo Beaver will also be as well!