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9 11/09/2015 DudleyGrunt Cache archived

Cache was archived.

8 10/21/2015 Lostsole68 will attend the event

I'm running late but I'm on my way?

7 10/21/2015 DudleyGrunt attended the event

Thanks to everyone who came out, especially those logging it here at OCNA.

I'd had this event in mind for a year or more.  Hard to believe the future has come and gone since I saw the first of the movies in 1985.

Happy Trails!

7 10/21/2015 Lostsole68 attended the event

I couldn't get the geovehicle up to 88MPH with al the traffic and I almost missed the event.  Whith minutes to spare a found a few stragglers and signed the log.  Thanks for the event!

7 10/21/2015 sfcchaz attended the event

Very nicely done, really loved the theme and the execution. Had a great time with everyone. Got to meet a few new cachers and chat with old friends as well. TFTEC

7 10/21/2015 zepp914 attended the event

Thanks for hosting a great event. Sorry we missed the photo op.

8 10/12/2015 zepp914 will attend the event

So far no Libyans have will attended this event.  Unless I get a note telling me otherwise, I am going to leave my Kevlar at home.

8 09/30/2015 sfcchaz will attend the event

I'll be there.

12 09/30/2015 TermiteHunter OC Team comment

Synchronize your watches. The future's coming back...