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7 02/21/2016 sfcchaz attended the event

Another very nice event. The french fries here were great. Met a couple of new folks and chatted with some old friends. TFTEC

7 02/21/2016 DudleyGrunt attended the event

Thanks to everyone who came out and especially to those who shared their geocaching insights and experience with my friend who is wanting to get her scouts out geocaching. We were maxed out the seating that was available to us. If anyone else had showed up, we would have had to figure something out.

Happy Trails!

OCNA # 395
All Geocaches # 5557
All Geo-games # 22227

3 02/09/2016 Mr.Yuck Comment

I'll go ahead and say not this time. Laughing

8 02/08/2016 sfcchaz will attend the event

See everyone there.

8 02/08/2016 DudleyGrunt will attend the event

Of course, I'll be there.