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9 12/24/2012 SYSTEM Cache archived

Automatic Archiving - 9 months as "Temporarily Unavailable"

11 03/19/2012 DudleyGrunt Temporarily unavailable

Cache will be temporarily unavailable.

3 03/19/2012 DudleyGrunt Comment

I drove by the cache site yesterday and noticed the angel was gone!  I did some research and noticed that the sculpture is in the process of being repaired.

Gazette article - 3/14/12

I will try to monitor the situation and re-enable the cache, once it is back in place.


1 11/12/2010 sfcchaz Found it

I've been meaning to get over here for some time. I finally made up my mind to come out to see this. A very nice sculpture, if not a little creepy.

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sfcchaz at An Archangel in Brookville
sfcchaz at An Archangel in Brookville

3 11/03/2010 DudleyGrunt Comment

This is now an OCUS ONLY cache.  I have retired the original Navicache listing.

1 08/22/2010 networkcacher Found it

Took a nice Sunday drive to Brookville to make the find and pickup a three-fer thanks to the owner's commitment to alternative geocache listing sites.  Glad to see a good one like this pop up on Opencaching.  I really enjoyed seeing the sculpture and the grounds.  TFTC!
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Networkcacher and the angel
Networkcacher and the angel

12 08/21/2010 sonicsix OC Team comment

Grats on being the first person to log a find on Opencaching.us!

1 08/21/2010 donbadabon Found it

This was pretty cool. Have never been by here before.

That road is very busy, couldn't believe how many cars zipped by the short time I was there.

Thanks for bringing me here.

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At the statue
At the statue